My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


25. Chapter 25

Madi's POV-

I walk into my friends' room. They will stay for two more days. Thanks to the boys. I plop down by them, but they don't notice.

"Oh my gosh!! The way his eyes sparkle when he looked at me!!" Lindi fans herself. Katie pushes her.

"I wish I had a guy like that falling at my feet," Taya sighs. I laugh.

"You guys!! Stop drooling over Ben!! I would date him, but we have the whole tour, and he is supposedly a player. The boys want me to stay friends with him." Hannah nods, and laughs.

"You guys want him, when I already have the best boy!! Bryan, he's waiting for me. We are going to go to the moonlight skating this Saturday."

"It's pure luck that we're going home on Thursday!!" Kaitlin laughs. Someone knocks, and the girls freak.

"IT HAS TO BE BEN!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!" Osiris squeals.

"Shhh!!! Coming!!" I get up, and open the door. There stands Paul, with my shots.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!" I run to my friends. "Stay away from me with those shots!!" Niall appears behind Paul, pickles and pop tarts in hand.

"Madison Faith Jones, don't run away from me. Or else I'll lock you in my room, and won't let you out until you have to beg and plead for it!" Niall tries to be scary, but I crack up.

"Fine Niall. I will, just because you failed at black mail." I lift up my sleeves, and my bruises are just yellowy, almost gone. My friends gasp.

"Guys, I'm fine." I stick my arm out, and Niall's cool hand cups my forearm. A sharp pain comes from my arm, and I squeeze my eyes shut. Tears somehow get out of my closed eyes.Niall quickly pulled it out of my arm, and put a scooby-doo band-aid on. Niall kisses my band aid, and gives me the pill. I grab my orange powerade from Paul, and gulp it down. This is our daily thing. Niall hugs me, and waves at the girls.

"Bye Niall!!" They wave, and fall over each other, and he laughs all the way out. I turn to them.

"You guys have to be cool!!"

"But, it's Niall Horan!!!!" Katie pretends to wipe drool off her chin.

"Guys!! Let me go get Ben!!" They scream, and I run out of the room.


Ben's POV-

I can't get Madi out of my head. When she hugged me at the trial, I couldn't help but want her to stay in my arms. But we promised. I have to have her change her mind. My thoughts go to her friends. They all like me. But I don't like them like that. Old Ben, from Ohio, would date and kiss all of them in the time they were here. But I will change. NO one else until Madi. I can do that. I will do that.

I turn on my TV, and flip a couple channels. Boring, boring, boring. Suddenly, there I am. With Madi in my arms. The picture shrinks, and a news woman starts talking

"Now, back to One Direction!" Little jingle. "Now, directioners, their new best friend, sweet little Madi, is the buzz of talk. This picture is of her in a hug with One Direction's Bodyguard, Paul's nephew, Ben.Yes, the hot one."  I smile.  "Now, this only happened yesterday, and the evil man who kidnapped Madi was sent to jail. But that's not all. After the judge announced this, Madi went over to Josh, and forgave him. He didn't say anything, but she forgave him. That takes a real person." The picture shows Madi talking to Josh, and then of her scar and bruises. Then her getting the shot. Niall was pushing the shot in, and was wincing. The girl smiles a fake smile. 

"Now, rumors have been going around, and I think that Ben and Madi have some chemistry. But others think she has a sweet spot for the boys." The picture takes up the whole screen, and go to when she was crying at her house, Niall holding her. Then to her on Harry's back, into a hotel. Then of her and Louis in the pool. Liam carrying Madi out of that house she was kept in. Zayn holding her hand, walking into the bus. Finally, there was a picture of her in the hospital, the boys all around her. Niall holding her hand, Zayn straightening the blanket. Liam was holding her other hand, and Louis was strumming a guitar. Harry was kissing her forehead. She was covered in bruises, and was sleeping. It goes back to the girl.
"Now, Liam tweeted about the tour going back on schedule, and another rumor is Madi gave away backstage passes to one of her own fans, who liked her more than One D! They will be in Seattle, and meet the boys, Madi, and Ben. Another thing about-"

"Hey Ben!" I jump, and turn around. Madi stands there, looking a the TV. She rolls her eyes, and grabs the remote.

"Ugh! Can you believe this! Harry is the youngest, and is at least five years older than me!" Her sky blue eyes cloud with anger. I pull her down to sit by me, and I hug her.

"It's okay Madi. You're okay. The press are just trying to get to you." She takes a couple breaths, closes her eyes, and kneads her temples. When she opens them, her beautiful eyes are back. She smiles.

"Now, Benjamen, my friends are drooling over you, and would love to talk with you." She smiles, but I don't want to go. I want to stay here with her. But she doesn't know this. I put on a smile, and take her hand. We walk across the hall, and go in the hotel room. Madi's friends heads whip around, and they smile. One comes over, and tries to hold my hand.

"Hi Ben. I'm Ashley!!!" I look at Madi. She rolls her eyes.

"I didn't come the  first time, because I was in Jamaica. Have you been there?" She leans on me, and hear Madi's other friends grumble.

"Uhm, no I haven't," I pull her off of me. Madi slings her arms around us.

"C'mon guys!! Who wants to play never have I ever?" Ashley  nods, and winks at me. Why can't Madi do that to me?!

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