My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


23. Chapter 23

Madi's POV-

I wake up in a hotel room, on the couch. I was in a suite. I look around, and see no one.

"Guys? Niall? Zayn? Louis? Harry?! Liam?!! Ben?!?" No one answers. I get up, and see suitcases everywhere. There were three. Who brought theirs in? I walk into the kitchen, and see Niall. He nearly chocks on his cereal.

"Madi, what are you doing up?" He asks, turning me to a room. There was a big box big enough to fit twelve of me, and it was for me.

"GUYS SHE'S UP!!!!" Niall yells behind me.  The rest and Ben show up, and sit me down. Louis clears his throat.

"Okay, so this was Zayn's idea, but we all chipped in! So please, open the giant box!!" I pull on the string, and out jumps three girls. Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor. I gasp. 
"You said you needed some girls, and needed help with outfits, so we got you these guys! They are also for us, so we have to share." Zayn laughs. They climb out of the box, and come over to me.

"We read all about you, and Louis goes on and on about you! You are so cute!! Isn't she?" El looks at the other girls, and the nod.

"Zayn told me you did his toes. Good job." Perrie gives me a high five.

"Liam told me about how he found you. He will go to jail!!" Dani gives me a hug, and they hug me again.

"Okay, we need to make you look professional, but still look like a little kid, not that you are! Let's go!" Perrie pulls me to another room, and they set to work.


I look in the mirror. A young, elegant girl looks back at me. I touch my face, and the girl copies me. I'm wearing a nice grey dress, that touches the floor, and I'm wearing little heels. my hair was put in a bun, and had little pieces of hair, that are curled. I had little earrings in, and a bracelet my brother gave me. I walk out of my room, the girls right behind me. The boys look up, and gasp.

"Whoaaaaaaaa..." They say in unison. I giggle, and turn. They clap. I pretend to be on a runway, and I strut, well try to. Everyone finds it funny. The boys are wearing tuxes, including Paul. Perrie is wearing a knee length, and was light blue. She's wearing flats. Dani and El were wearing heels, along with me. Dani was wearing a long dress, and it was pink. El was wearing a thigh length silver dress. Paul looks at his watch, and nods to the boys. Niall pulls out a box, and they come to me. They crowd around. Harry speaks up.

"Madi, today will be really stressful. We just wanted to give you this." Niall hands me the box, and I open up the box. It was a silver chain, with a heart in the middle. The boys pull out their key chains, and they have the same heart. I hug each of them.

"Okay, Group Hug!! But watch the hair!" We carefully hug, and Paul yells from the other room.

"Guys, we gotta go!! We need to get there on time!!" Liam puts my necklace on me, and  we walk out. Niall and Harry holding my hands. The boys hold their girlfriends hands. We walk down into the lobby, and cameras snap and yelling. I squeeze Harry and Niall's hands, and we walk to the car.

"Madi Madi, are you going to the trial?" I nod.

"Will that evil man go to jail?" I stop.

"I really hope so. No one should do that to someone and not get punished." The man smiles, and I walk back to the car. I had no idea about the surprises that were about to happen this afternoon.

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