My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


22. Chapter 22

Madi's POV-

Ben and I shove each other, trying to be the first down the hallway. It's been a couple days, and we are great friends. We laugh about liking each other. When we finally make it down the small hallway, Paul is right in front of us. We stop goofing around, and Paul clears his throat.

"Okay guys. We are have a meeting in ten minutes in the living place. So go get everyone else." I nod, and run to my room. Zayn is on the phone, so I mouth about the meeting. He nods, and goes back to the phone. I go into the living room, and plop down next to Liam. He stretches and ruffles my looking-new hair. Harry and Niall come in, shooting each other with Nerf guns.

"Guys! We are having a meeting!!" They groan, and shoot me. I hide behind Liam, and Louis runs over.

"Don't hurt my little Madison!!!" He screeches, while running and protecting me. Ben walks in, and they point the guns at him. His hands go up.

"Don't do anything you will regret." He says, in an evil voice. They are about to shoot Ben, when Paul comes in.

"Guys, sit down. Where's Zayn? Zayn!! Get in here!" He calls down the short hallway. Our little door/curtain opens, and he walks out, slowly.

"Hurry up! Before my body decays!!" Niall screams, from the floor, right in front of me. I ruffle his hair, and he grins up at me. Zayn walks in, and lays on the floor.

"Alright guys. I got a phone call. We are going to make a stop, before we make it to Seattle. We have a trial to go to." I'm so confused. A trial?

"Wait. Who's trial are we going to-" I gasp. It's Josh's trial. He's been in captivity this whole time, and I've nearly forgot about him. I shrink back into the couch, thinking about that evil little room, where all my abusing happened. Tears brim my eyes, and I feel Harry tense next to me. Niall's fists are balled, and Liam is talking to himself. Zayn has fire in his eyes, and Louis hugs my leg. Ben looks confused.

"What trial Paul?" The boys shoot him a dirty look. I take a shaky breath.

"It's to see if my kidnapper goes to jail or not." After that, he was quiet. Paul clears his throat.

"Okay, we will be at the hotel around midnight, so go grab some nice clothes, and some pajamas. Madi, we need to take pictures of your thigh cut, and rope burns. Which reminds me, have you taken your meds?" I grin sheepishly.

"Niall, will you please go get those? Harry, you will have to hold her down. I have to fill in Ben." Paul quickly goes to his little room with Ben. The bus hits a pot hole, and I fly off the couch. Harry laughs, but we hit another pot hole, this one I'm ready for. Harry hits the ground, and I laugh. I run up to him, and push his curls out of his eyes.

"Good luck holding me down Harald," I giggle, pulling a curl, and letting it spring back. He grabs my hand, and smirks.

"You won't be that hard. You don't have any muscle." He pinches my 'bicep'. I laugh, and Niall comes in.

"Ah!" I scream, and run away from the medicine. Harry chases me, and catches me. There aren't many hiding spots on the bus. He carries me over his shoulder, and I kick and scream the whole time.

"Harry!! Put me down!!" His arm wraps tighter around me.



"Well, no." I groan, and give up. He sits me down, and Niall comes with my meds. Harry turns around, and I run. I barge into my room,   and Zayn looks up.

"Meds?" I nod, and he pulls out a blanket. I'm about to get under it, when Harry bursts through, with Niall on his heels. Niall puts down the shot, and picks me up. I wrap my legs around his waist, and put my head on his shoulder. I start to cry. Ugh, why am I such a baby?  I think to myself, watching my tears stain Niall's shirt. He takes me into Harry's room, and sets me down. He rubs my back, and Harry draws on my thigh.

"Madi, I know this is hard. I know how scared you will be tomorrow. But we, us boys, will be with you through it all. Can we pretty please take quick pictures of your scars, and give you your shots? I'll go to the store and get you a big box of pop tarts, and a jar of pickles. Dill, not sweet." I smile up at Niall, and Harry nods.

"The unique kind. Like smores, cookies and cream, or cinnamon. Not cherry. Anything but cherry." Harry adds, snickering. My smile widens.

"Okay. Let me go get in my shorts. Then we can take my shots." I walk out, Niall's jaw on the floor.

"Harry, she always has a fight. Even when I add the pop tarts. I should add pickles more often." He and Harry laugh, and I walk to my little room. Zayn was still watching the telly, so I walk in front on purpose.

"Mads, you're a better door than a window." He looks up, waiting for me to move. I grab my shorts, and go into the bathroom. I lock the door, and go pee. I look in the toilet, and mother nature came a-calling. I reach over to the cabinet, and grab a tampon. After I'm finished, I quickly change into my shorts. I make sure I wrap the tampon wrappers in toilet paper, the boys don't need to know my schedule. I walk out, and Ben is leaning on the wall.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I never read the articles about you, just saw the pictures. I'm not much of a reader."

"It's okay. You didn't know." I walk back to the living room, and Niall has a camera. Harry is holding my meds, and I have no other choice but to go. I sit down, and pull up my shorts. A thick ragged line shows on my thigh. Thank goodness I had a bandage on it when we went swimming way back. I trace it, and Niall takes my hand. He kisses my scar, and snaps a few pictures. I hold Harry's hand, and he gives me my shot. Niall takes some of that too, wincing when my tears fall. Finally he stops, only to take my hands, and put them on the table. The marks are very faint, but visible. The cream is slow, but works. We took a couple pictures at the hospital. When Niall was finished, Harry spread the cream on my wrists. It's cold, and soothing. When Harry finished, Niall and him got up, and wrote down to get me my pop tarts and pickles.

"Madi, could you go and pick out your clothes please?" Paul calls, and I go to my room. Zayn was on the phone, and quickly hung up.

"Who was that?" I ask, pulling open my dress and skirts drawer. He lays on his bed.

"Oh no one." He plays with a loose string on his blanket. I roll my eyes.

"Zayn, you suck at lying." He shrugs, and I go back to my clothes. For some reason, I can't pick out an outfit. I throw my clothes off my bed, suddenly pissed. Zayn looks surprised at my outburst. I plop on my bed.

"I can't make an outfit! Sometimes I wish I had a girl's opinion." I mumble. Zayn grins.

"Oh do you now? Why don't you call your girls, and you can pick your clothes tomorrow. I'll give you some privacy." He walks out, and I grab my phone. I dial Andrea, and she picks up on the second ring.

"MADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW ARE YOU?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!" She screams. I laugh. She has a loud voice.

"I'm fine! Are you girls together?" I ask.

"Yea, just having a study session. We miss you at school!! Your sax is still here!" I grin.

"Don't worry. I'll make second semester. I'll catch up. You know I will. Sign into skype, I wanna see your faces." I smile, and tears cloud my vision. My laptop beeps, and I open it, to see a couple of my friends' faces- Lindi, Andrea, Kaitlin, Kayla, Katie, and Hannah. They scream, I scream. It's our thing.

"MADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR HAIR IS LONGER THAN BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'M SO GLAD TO SEE YOUR BLONDE HAIR!!!!" Lindi screams, and the others shush her.

"Mom thinks we're studying." Kaitlin whispers. I giggle. Katie pushes them out of the way.

"MADI CAN WE SEE THE BOYS?!?!?" Katie whisper-screams. I grin, and nod.

"Sure, I'll get them." I walk over to the doorway.

"NIALL!! ZAYN!!! HARRY!! LOUIS!!! LIAM!! MY FRIENDS WANT TO SAY HI!!!" I hear curtains open, and I turn back to my laptop.

"Don't worry, they're coming." The girls all sigh.

"Madi you are SO lucky!" Hannah says, and the others nod.

"Ya, because being kidnapped and having to go to the trial tomorrow is so lucky." I snap. I gasp, and cover my mouth.

"You guys I'm so sorry I didn't mean to snap at you!!" The stare at me, but not angrily.

"You have the trial tomorrow?" Kayla whispers. I nod. The boys pile through my door, and knock me over.

"What do you want us to see, love?" Niall says, helping me up. I point at my laptop. My friends scream hello's.


After my friends had to go, I get ready for bed.  I quick do my bathroom necessities, and brush my teeth. Louis comes in, and grabs his. He steals my toothpaste, and I roll my eyes.

"You didn't see anything," He slinks back so I can spit. I spit, and rinse. When I put my toothpaste and brush away, I hit him on the head.

"That's my toothpaste, weirdo." He grins through his toothpaste foam. I smile, and I walk out, to bump into Liam.

"Little preoccupied?" He asks, while ruffling my hair. I pick at my hair, and nod.

"I can't pick put an outfit, and I need some girl advice." Liam grins, just like Zayn did. I look at him questionably. He pats my back.

"You can pick it out tomorrow. Why don't you go to bed, and Pauly and bring you into the hotel. I have your favorite movie!" He pulls out Ice Age, and I freak.

"Where did you find this?!" I scream hugging him.

"We have a movie drawer," He hugs me back. I run into my room, grabbing my baby blanket.

"Zayn, we're watching Ice Age, get everyone else." I run out of the room, and Niall already has popcorn.

"Ready?" I nod, and take his hand. we walk into the little living area, and Everyone is there. I lay on the floor, my head next to Harry's. By the time Diego found Marty and Syd, I was out.

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