My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


21. Chapter 21

Madi's POV-

I climb the bus, and smell the sweet smell of it. I missed this. I run into my room, and tidy up. The boys finally make it on the bus. I walk out.

"Okay, who's sharing with me?" They look at me.

"Ben? He's not sharing with me, is he? I'm okay with that, but I don't think you guys are." They all nod.
"I will. I mean, I lived there before, right?" Zayn asks. The boys grumble, and agree.

"Okay then, let's move in your stuff!" Ben gets on the bus, struggling with his bag. Liam and Niall say he can stay with them, since they had Zayn there. I move stuff around, making room for Zayn. A knock comes, and I smile. On the road again.

"COME IN ZAYN!!!!!!!!" He walks in, rubbing his ear.
"Who knew you had such a loud voice."
"Thanks! Flattery will get you nowhere," I smile. I plug in my IPod, and Harry's voice fills our little room. He plays on his phone, I read a magazine. He watches soccer, while I paint my toes.
"Zayn?" I look up from my dried toes, and see he fell asleep. I grab my pink polish, and pull of his socks. I paint his toes with bright pink, and quickly dry them. I write 'Zayn' on his big toes. I blow on them, and scramble back onto my bed. I finish my toes, and throw my pillow at him on my way out.

"Wakey wakey Zayn," I giggle, and quickly go to the living room/kitchen. Niall is making a sandwich, Harry and Louis playing Go Fish, Ben and Liam watching TV. I run to Niall, and hop on his back.

"Hey friend. Long time, no see." He tickles me, and I squirm away. Ben gets up, and walks into his room.

"Okay, what did you guys do?" I look at them. They all shrug. Harry comes and takes my hands.

"Madi, he has a bad history with girls."

"So do you! C'mon guys, you said one date. Next stop, we are going to go. Okay?" They all nod. I sigh. I will have to do the unthinkable. I go and knock on his door.

"Come in," He mumbles. I walk in and Ben is sitting facing the wall.

"So are you going to pound me?"

"Uhm, no." He flies up and comes towards me.

"Sorry, I though you were one of the boys," He scratches the back of his neck. I sit on Niall's bed, and pat the spot next to me.

He plops down next to me. I take a deep breath.

"Ben, I really like you. But I just got over a boy, and it would be too soon." He nods.

"I just broke up with my girlfriend a couple days before I came, so I agree with you." I nod. We sit in silence for a little bit.

"Wanna play Mario Kart?" He asks.

"Bring it!" So we sit, and plug in the Wii. He will just be my friend.


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