My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


20. Chapter 20

Author's Note

YAY!!!!!!! I was just finishing a chapter, when I saw over 100 people are reading my fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy right now!!! Thank you so very much for reading my story!! I would love to know what you think of it, because I can't tell if it's getting boring!! If you have any questions at all, comment them!! One more thing- I love music, but I don't know any good songs (besides One Direction!!!) so if you know any song that you love that aren't 1D, please comment them, so I can listen to them!! Love you all!!

P.S. If any of you want to follow me on twitter, I'm @MadiPottebaum....... Yes I'm the main character!!:P I put Ben in there, because I'm forever alone, and I just made someone who likes me!


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