My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


17. Chapter 17

Madi's POV-

It's around August. We've been on the road for who knows how long, and I haven't seen my friends since the hospital. My hair is normal, and we skype, but you know. I've seen the country, and I love it. I daydream about finding my guy, but between the tracking device and the huge 'scary' Paul, no boys have come near me. I've been on the cover of magazines many times, and the trial is in a couple weeks. To determine if the man, Josh, goes to jail or not.

I'm in my part of the suite, in the hotel, flipping through one of the many magazines with my face on the cover. I'm a little celebrity. I was almost finish with the article, which knew about the trial, when a knock came to the door. I sigh, not wanting to get up from my chair. I reluctantly get up, and walk out to the living area that I share with the boys. They are all sitting there, on the phones or laptops, not getting up.

"Really? You're gonna make me get the door?" I look at them. They look back at me

"Hmmmhmm," They murmur, looking down again. I groan, fix my hair a little, and open the door. There stood a gorgeous boy. He has blonde-brown hair, that is a bit curly, but not much. He is taller than I, and is muscly. He looks at me, and grins.

"Hi, you must be Madi," He says, sticking out his hand. I blush.

"Hi, yes I am. Who must you be?" I ask, trying to sound cute. He laughs.

"I'm Ben. I'm Paul's nephew. I have to stay with him for a couple months, and he said there was a girl my age already here.Of course I know who you are, your face is everywhere." He grins. I hear the boys laugh, and I turn around. I death glare them, which makes them laugh even more. I give them the 'don't you dare' look, and Niall comes over. He  picks me up.

"Watch it Ben. We are very protective.Come on in. But not so close to Madi." Ben comes in, and Niall sets me next to Harry.

"That's not what I wanted," I mumble into Harry. He snickers, and I get up.

"I'll let you boys have some alone time. I'm going to, uhm, skype my friends.Yep. I need a girl to talk to." I see the boys give each other looks, but I wave to Ben, and leave.


The girls are having a sleepover. Lindi has skype on her TV, so I'm on the telly. Technically.

"Hey girls!!!!!"

"OMG MADI YOUR HAIR IS BACK!!!!!!" They all scream.

"There is more important news!! Paul has a really cute nephew that's going to be on tour with us, and he is adorable!!" I squeal, not remembering my walls aren't soundproof. They squeal too.

"What does he look like? How old his he? How long will he stay?" The girls throw questions at me, and I try to answer them. A knock comes to my door.

"Guys, someone is at my door. I gotta go."

"Bye Madi!!! Go get him tiger." I sign off, and run to the door.

"Yes?" I see Ben there, with a water gun. He grabs my arm, and pulls me into the living room. He pushes me down, under the couch. Everything has been turned upside down, So the couch is like a cave. He hands me a gun, and smiles.

"The boys declared a water gun fight. Since we are leaving tonight, why not trash the place?" His eyes sparkle. If I wasn't on the floor, I would be. I grab my gun, and peek. I see Zayn and Louis, both pointing their guns at each other.

"Now Zayn, don't make me do this."

"Bring it Lou." I pull Ben up, and we spray them.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! BEN, THE PLAN WAS TO GET MADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Louis screams, wiping the water from his face. He takes my hand, and we run around them.  They spray us from behind. I take the lead, knowing the place better. We skid into the kitchen. I climb into an empty cupboard, and pull Ben in. We peek through the crack. Louis and Zayn run in and look around.

"What if they're making out right now under our noses?" Louis screams, his hands on Zayn's shoulders. Zayn slaps him, and the rest of the boys come in. They are about to spray them, when they stop. Liam looks around.

"Where's Madi and Ben?"

Niall turns around and starts banging open the cupboards. I creep back towards the wall, and Ben hands me my gun. We aim them towards the door, and it opens. I scream, and we shoot Harry. We crawl out, and I try to run. Niall pick me up, and Liam grabs Ben. Niall puts me unside down, and I pull up my shirt.

"Niall!! Put me down!!" He sets me down, and the boys drench us. I look down at my old t-shirt and basketball shorts.

"Well, who wants to go swimming since we are all wet?" The boys laugh.

"WE aren't wet, silly," Louis says, bopping my nose. I pull out the guns in my pocket, and drench the rest of them. Niall stands behind me, getting them too. I laugh, and so do the boys. We run into our own rooms, to change.

I listen to music as I change.

"WE FOUND LOVE IN A HOPLESS PLACE!! WE FOUND LOVE IN A HOOOOPPPPPEEEELLLLEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS PLACE!!!" I put on my bikini bottom, which is white with green poka dots. I pull the top over, but I couldn't tie the back. Shoot.



"I NEED HELP!!" I hear my door open, and I walk out, sheepishly.

"I uhm kinda need you to tie my suit." I say turning around. He quickly ties it, and turns me around.

"If you were my sister, I would make you change. Ben's already drooling, he doesn't need to see this much skin." I bat him away.

"I only have bikinis! I promise no funny business," I say, putting my hand on my heart, and raising the other. He takes my hand, and we walk out. the boys are sitting there. Niall whistles, Harry pretends to faint. Liam puts his hands over his eyes. Zayn spits out his water. Ben's jaw drops. I blush and hide behind Louis.

"NO wandering eyes." He points at them.

"Race!!" I run towards the door, but Niall catches me.

"Remeber the last time we raced?" He whispers.

"But I have a tracking device this time," I tap the bracelet. We run towards the elevator, and go to the pool.

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