My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


16. Chapter 16

 Liam's POV-

 It's been almost a month since the kidnapping mishap. Madi wears a lot of hats, but her hair is coming back. Most of the cuts are gone. Her ribs show as much as they did when we first met her, so that's good. The stab on her thigh will be a scar. We are going to court after the tour is over. Hopefully the poor excuse of a man is locked up.


I didn't know Madi doesn't like shots. When we walked into the living room, she looked up at us, saw the syringe, and booked it. She locked herself in the bathroom, and is still in there. Hopefully she will come out for food, as long as she doesn't find Niall's stash.

"Madi please come out, the doctor said you had to have this shot." Harry says, trying to be calm. I can tell he needs to pee. I get up from my position on the floor, and knock very quietly.

"Madi, it's me. I don't have the shot." I hear the lock go, and I motion the boys. When she opens it a crack, we barge. Niall and I hold down her arms, While Harry and Zayn hold down her feet. Louis has to put toilet paper in her mouth, because she's screaming. Louis quickly stabs Madi, pushes the medicine into her arm, and pulls it out. Madi squeezes her eyes shut, and starts crying. Niall rubs her other arm, telling her it's okay.

"Shhhh Madi shhhhh. You're okay. I know, love, I know. Madi please stop crying, it was just a shot. You are all better now."

She slowly opens her eyes, one at a time. We cheer when she finally opens her other eye, her light blue crystals staring at us. She giggles, and runs out of the bathroom.

"FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Harry screams, while pushing us out the door. We chase Madi, finding her a lot more fun than Harry at the moment. She's in the kitchen, eating pineapple and yogurt. She sees us, and protects her food.

"Ew pineapple!" Niall fakes a faint. He actually loves the stuff, but he would never take it away from Madi. She swallow what's in her mouth, and starts to talk.

"Oh please Nialler, I know you love this. I only wanted a bite." She brings the bowl over, and sets it in his hands. He pushes down her hat, that covers her hair. It's kinda coming back. She pulls it off. We gasp. Almost all her hair is back, and it looks great! She never let us see her hair. We all whoop, and tackle her. She laughs, and we plop her on the couch.


Madi's POV-

They take turns tickling me.

"Guys I can't breath!!" I scream, while kicking whoever's fingers tickled my ribs. I hit Harry square in the face. Blood gushes from Harry's face, staining my shirt.

"EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!" I scream. Paul barges in the back of the bus.

"What the hell is going on here?!?!" Paul yells. He sees the blood on me, and pushes the boys away. He didn't look at Harry, who had some in his curls somehow. He picks me up.

"Can't you boys be careful?! She's breakable. You can't throw her around!" He yells. "Where is it bleeding love?" Paul says, a lot softer. I giggle, and pat his arm.

"Thanks Pauly, but I kicked Harry in the face." He smiles.

"Good job." Harry gasps, and the boys pound on him.

"They were tickling me, and I kick sometimes. I just so happened to hit Harry square in the nose. And his blood is all over me." I say, pointing at my shirt. They all laugh, and Harry pulls off his shirt, due to blood on his shirt too.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I scream, my hands flying up to my eyes. "YOU CANNOT TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT WITHOUT WARNING!!!!" I scream, my fingers parting. Thankfully Harry was in the bathroom, laughing his head off. The boys were on the floor. Paul chuckled, and went back up to the front.


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