My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


15. Chapter 15

Harry's POV-

I wake up to a girl screaming. I jump up, and see Madi in bed, screaming and crying and hugging Kayla. They were both talking at the same time, and wake up every one else. The rest of the girls wake up, and they had a screaming session. The boys jump up, still half asleep. We cover our ears, and Niall starts crying.

" Aw Nialler, come here." Madi says, while murmuring things in his ear. He takes us and pulls us outside.

" Madi want time alone with her friends. I think we should give them some tickets. Because a lot are fans, and would love that." He said, pulling off his hat, and running his hands through his hair. We all agree.

"Let's get the girls some food, shall we boys?" Louis says, holding out his arms. We roll our eyes, and race to the car.


Madi's POV-

I wake up, and smell Kayla's shampoo. Kayla's shampoo? I sit up, and scream. Kayla looks up, and screams. I start crying, and we hug. I see Harry fly up, and cover his ears. 




YOUSOMUCH!!!" I scream.



AREYOUOKAY?!" She screams at the same time.The rest of my friends pop up off the floor, and they start crying and screaming. The rest of the boys stand up, and cover their ears. Niall starts crying, and I call him over.

"You are fine Niall, this wasn't your fault. Don't you ever think that you hear me? Could you go get us some breakfast, I need to talk with my girls." He nods, and walks out with the rest of them. The girls watch them walk out.

" Guys!!! Don't be hitting on them! They are way to old for us!!" I pretend scold, knowing Katie has a hug crush on Harry, and Hannah has a sweet spot for Niall. They snap back to me, and they all pull up chairs. I'm quiet, embarrassed and guilty that I lied to my friends. Andrea broke the silence.

"We know Madi. We understand. Nothing should be awkward between us. We are all your very close friends." They all nod.

"How's life back home?" I ask.

"Well, Hannah and Bryan are finally going out!!" Kaitlin says. I gasp.

"That really cute sophmore, Chris, starting talking about you!!" Taya says. I squeal.

"Yay!!!! What did he say?!" I screamed, tugging on Taya's arm. They laugh at me.

"He said that you were really pretty and hopes he can listen to your singing!! He also said he knows someone with a recording booth!!! You could have your own CD!!" We all do a happy dance, they know how much I want to spread my music.

"No new cute boys? Any one see Jordan get beat up?" I ask hopefully.

"A bunch of your brother's friends did. They saw the cover. Jordan was talking smack about you. I can't believe you made the cover!!" Osiris Squeals. We gossip and do girl stuff, until my doctor walks in.

"Hello Madison. How are you feeling?" She asks, looking at all the girls. The boys run behind, breathless, with food and my parents.

"MOM!!! DADDY!!!" I yell. The doctor says she'll come back, and let's us have privacy. My parents come and give me hugs, with tears in their eyes.

"My poor baby. Are you alright?" My mom asks, stroking my cheek. I nod, and everyone else leaves, so I can talk to my parents.

"Guys this is my fault please let me stay-" They put up their hands, telling me to stop. I look at my lap.

"You can stay on one condition.You will have a tracking device on you, so we will always know where you are." I nod.

"And you can't fall for a boy." My dad says, ruffling my hair, that still is looking horrible. I smile, and pull on the hat my aunt knitted for me.

"Thanks guys. This means a lot to me. I really missed you guys." I say, embracing both of my parents. 

"And you will be in bed before eleven. And eat a real diet. And you have to brush your teeth. And you can't be on your laptop past nine. I don't want to find out you missed behaved either. And don't even think about-"

"Okay okay Mom!!! I promise!" I yell, doing my happy dance in the bed. We hear a crash out side, with a "Sorry Love" yell. We hear running, and in comes my friends, followed behind the boys. They all look out of breath.

"We might have gotten kicked out of the food court, then ran into a nurse with papers," Olivia says, as I look at the boys.

"Okay. Who was it?" The boys all pointed at someone else. The girls all pointed at someone else. I roll my eyes. My doctor walk in, and my friends all back up, trying to stay out of the way.

"Okay Madison. You are extremely thin, due to not having enough food. You need to put this salve on them every morning, until the bottle is gone. The only cut that could stay is when he stabbed you in the thigh. Make sure you change the bandages regularly. That's about all. If you have any questions, you have my number." I thank her, and she exits. I look at my friends, with tears brimming.

" Y-you were stabbed in the thigh?" Jessica whispers. I  nod.

" Guys I'm okay. My doctor just said so." The girls nod, then start bawling. The girls come around my bed, and I give them all hugs.



I give Katie her hug. The rest of my friends were in the car.

" Remember, you can call me whenever. Make sure you tell Harry all the good things about me," We laugh.
"What about when you met last year?"

"That was before I matured." We both laugh. She climbs into the car. The boys stand behind me, waving until we can't see the car anymore. Preston and Paul walk over. Paul takes my arm, and puts a bracelet on my wrist. I look at him questioningly.

"It's the tracking device." We all nod.

"Okay enough sad stuff. Let's go! We gotta tour to go on!!!" Louis screams. Zayn throws me over his shoulder, and we run onto the bus. We get on, and drive to the next city on the tour.

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