My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


14. Chapter 14

Zayn's POV-

We waited in hospital. The doctors were running tests on her. Niall is crying, Liam is talking to him. Harry is talking to some fans that walked in. Louis and Paul are talking. I'm just sitting, thinking of what we should've done. Madi's parents walk in, with like twelve girls. They all had tears running down their faces.

"Hi boys. These are Madi's friends. Andrea, Kaitlin, Katie, Hannah, Jessica, Lindi, Osiris, Taya, Kayla, Aubrey, and Olivia." Madi's mom says, pointing at each girl. A couple are fans, by the way they look. Some aren't, but they want to see her.

Niall's POV-

After I met all of Madi's friends, I can see why she was sad to leave. Her friends are so nice, and understanding. Of course we did autographs and pictures, but there wasn't really any thing else to do but get to know each other.

A doctor walks in, and we all stand. " Madison Jones?" He asks. We remain standing. " Only family," we all sit except for Kayla and her parents.

" This is her cousin," Her dad said, as they walk towards the rooms.


Kayla's POV-

I look at Madi, with all the machines hooked up to her. She was sleeping, but she looked dead.  Her hair. When we were four, we locked each other in the bathroom and cut each other's hair. This reminds me of that time. I can't believe she was kidnapped. What did he do to her? Of course we don't know. Madi wanted to tell her parents when they came. I don't think she wants her friends to know, but we won't treat her any different. I stare at my first friend, wanting to rewind to stop whatever happened to her.The doctor walks in, interrupting my thoughts.

" It looks like Madi can leave tomorrow. None of her cuts are sever, and the bruises will heal. We have medicine for her rope burn, and that's about it. We want to keep her over night. We gave her some sleeping pills for the pain. You are very lucky Mr. and Mrs. Jones."  Her parents nod, and he leaves. Pretty soon all of us girls are here, some drooling over Madi's band. They are all she talks about. When we are at family gatherings, we HAVE to listen to their songs, or look up funny videos. I hated that, but now looking back, I wish we did that more often.

All the girls ran around her bed, holding on to her. They gasp when they see all the bruises and cuts. The boy band stands over us, wincing as they look at all of it. I just stroke Madi's hand, and remember the first time she told me about this band.


Madi runs up the stairs with her laptop, with me behind carrying the pop and snacks. We stay at family gathering for like four hours, so we watch  movies. But instead of going to Netflix, she opened Youtube.

"Madi, what are you doing? We have to finish Insidious." I whine, knowing the scariest part is about to come.

"I have to show you the coolest  band. They are awesome, and were on the X-Factor, so they are real singers. Not  like Ke$ha. Common look." She bounces with excitement. So for an hour we watch dumb videos about a dumb boy band.

" You know you will never meet them. Right?" I ask, after the last video dairy.

"I know." she sighs  "I don't want to marry them. I want to be their best friends." She says, while signing in on Netflix.


There they are. She did meet them. And she did become best friends with them.......She's good. The boys decided to go get us some food.

"I can't believe she lied to us." Lindi says. I roll my eyes. Sometimes Lindi makes things all about her.

"Lindi. If she didn't lie, she wouldn't go. Everyone would find out. It's obvious that's what she wanted. And this is about Madi right now, who was almost raped." Katie yells. Katie and her have that special relationship. They are really stupid together, but it looks totally normal. Lindi apologizes, and we settle in.



It's about ten at night, and I'm falling asleep. Niall has one of her hands, I have the other. The girls are sprawled across the floor, conked out. Zayn and Liam are asleep in the chairs, Louis laying across them, and Harry is standing behind Niall. I swear Niall will pull out all of his hair he's raking it so much.

" So...... Did you know Madi told me every little detail about you?" I ask, trying to lighten the mood. Only Madi can do that though. They chuckle, but Niall goes back into his trance. Looking at her, mumbling, raking his hair, repeat.

"She missed you." Harry started, as he pulled a chair up next to me. Olivia moved over, and put her head on my feet. "She always told us about how much you two were the same, yet so different. You do look a lot alike." I smile, and look down. " Does she know that she has an amazing voice?" Harry asks, while moving Katie back under the blanket. I nod. She knows she's good, but never brags about it. Harry and I talk a lot, mostly about Madi.

I find myself  laying next to Madi, the way we always did when we had sleepovers. Everyone else was asleep, Niall still clutching her hand. The last thing I see is my cousin in a deep sleep, with her friends and favorite band around her.
















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