My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


12. chapter 12


Madi's POV-  It was amazing!! I always wanted to see them in concert, and they were great! After an hour and a half at least, they did some twitter questions.

" What do you wear to bed?" Harry read off the screen. The girls screamed, and I did a whistle from backstage. They looked at me and winked. " We wear pajamas to bed." Harry said, Not so convincing.

" Who is the little girl that is with you all the time?" Zayn said, looking back at me. There was a photo attachment of me on the magazine, thank goodness my hair covered my face.

"What do you guys think? She's our friend. She is our princess. And one of our closest friends." Niall said, looking back at me. I blew him a kiss, which he caught, and stuck in his pocket. The girls awwwed, but a few yelled some mean comments. I don't listen to them. They don't know my story.

After the concert was over, the boys' adrenaline was running. Zayn ruffles my hair, Louis pinches my cheek. Liam picks me up and spins me around, Niall hugs me, and Harry pushes me onto the couch. They dog pile on me, and they smell.

After they showered, we went to the Mc Donald's drive through. They order practically everything off the menu, and I ask for a shake. When we pull up, the girl freaks.

"OHMYGODYOUAREONEDIRECTIONILOVEYOUSOMUCH!!!!" She squeals. The boys say hi, and give her the money. She keeps blabbering away, handing in the food. Harry spills his pop on me, and I yell at him.

" Harold be careful! I only have so many clothes!" I yell jokingly. They laugh, but the girl glares at me.

"Is that the bitch seen with you an the magazine covers? Hey do us all a favor, Hang yourself. You don't need to be hogging the boys. You aren't even pretty." She scoffs. I just look at her, and burst into tears. Niall starts to unbuckle his seatbelt, but Zayn stops him. Louis says some mean things back, and Harry flicks her off.

"You will get fired for this. If it's the last thing I do. Why would you make a little girl cry? She's been through so much, that you will never know. You are a horrible person." Liam says, as we drive off. They comfort me, but I just want to be alone. When we get back to the hotel, I go straight to my bedroom. I sit and think. I hear the boys, thinking of what to do. Liam goes to call the manager, since he won't swear like the rest of them. I decide to call one of my best friends- Kaitlin. She is the most understanding person I've ever met, and she helps me see the light. Her phone rings and rings. She picks up on the last ring.

"Hello?" Her sleepy voice greats me. Oops. " Hey girl! I'm sorry, didn't realize you would be asleep. I'll call back later." My voice cracks, and I hear her turn on her lamp.

" Madi, what's wrong? What happened? Is everything alright?" She asks. I tell her the whole story, from that lucky day in spring, to this unfortunate night. She doesn't interrupt, just adds gasps and stuff. At the end, she tells me some thing.

" Madi.You are beautiful. Everyone knows it. Inside and out, you are good. Don't let some jealous crab bring you down. Show them that they can't break you. You are stronger than them. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." She sing-whispers the last part. I thank her, and we say goodbyes.

I walk out of my room, wearing my pj's and I don't see the boys. Hmm.. Weird. I walk out of our room, and there is Paul.

"Hey Paul!! Where are the boys?"

"Hey princess! They went to get some stuff, they took Preston with them."

" Okay, I'll go find them," I say,walking towards the elevator. He follows me, and I give him a look.

"Sorry kiddo. You can't go out by yourself. You could get hurt, or kidnapped. This isn't little town Iowa. People here are scary." We walk to the store across the street, and there they are, by the pop. They promised to cut down on drinking, because the smell gives me headaches.

 "Hey guys! Left me all alone?" I say, making a pouty face. Niall runs over, and pushes my lip back.

"No pouting love. It's outlawed." They went and paid for the stuff, and we want to go out and look about. After begging, Paul and Preston let us go alone.

We walk around, looking at all the buildings. We talk and laugh, and race. We finally decide to go back to the hotel.

"Let's race!!!" Louis screams joyfully. They dart off, and I see Zayn turn into an alley. Shortcut. I walk down there, but I don't see him.


Harry's POV-

We all dart off, leaving Madi.That wasn't very nice. I hollor at the boys. We run back, but she wasn't there. We look everywhere for her, but we can't find her. I start to get worried.

"Madi!!!! Mmmmaaaaddddiiii!!!!1 MMMAAAAAADDDIIIIII!!!" We all scream. Finally we see her, walking out of an alleyway. Phew. My worries vanish when I see her.

" Hey guys! Don't ever leave me agai-" Suddenly a hand covers her mouth, and she is pulled back into the darkness.




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