Just Notice Me Already!

Allison Hilton is an international singer. She sings in a girl group with her friends Summer, Adeline, Livia-Rose, and Isabelle. When, Ally breaks up with Josh Hutcherson, will she fall in love with Zayn Malik? Will her friends/fellow bandmates fall for Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam? Find out in this fanfic!


1. Break Up

Ally's POV

"So Josh, who was this girl you were kissing yesterday?" I asked angrily.  "What are you talking about babe?" Josh asked.  I took out my iPhone and showed him the picture that the paparazzi took.  He took a close look.  "Ummm" he said nervously.  "That's not ahhh me!" he mumbled.  I could see right through him.  "You're hiding something!" I said getting up from my chair and walking towards him. "Look, I was out for a few drinks at a club and I didn't know what I was doing." he said bravely. 

Josh's POV

She could see right through me.  "Allycat it's nothing!  Do, you want a sip of my coffee?" I asked her trying to get off this conversation.  Then, there was a knock on the door.  "I'll get it.  But, I'm not done with you, Josh." Ally said.  She got up and walked towards the door.  "Josh, someone by the name of Katie is here to see you!" she yelled after a minute.  "Coming!" I said running towards the living room.  I had to get Katie away from Ally.  I mean, Ally did she did see me and Katie kissing.  I don't know how the paps saw us.  I don't want Ally to know I was cheating on her.  When I got to the door, Katie gave me a hug and a kiss.  I kissed her bac-KISSING!  In front of Ally?!  I quickly pulled away.  Ally stormed upstairs.  "Ummm, Katie sit down.  I have to go talk to Allyc- Ally." I said quickly.  I ran upstairs.  I knocked softly on our bedroom door.  "Allycat, will you let me in?  I need to explain!" I said softly.  I heard snuffling.  "No." she choked.  I knew that she needed her space.  I slowly walked downstairs.  I looked around, no Katie.  A little note caught  my eye. I walked toward it.  The note said: "Thanks for nothing Josh. Don't ever come near me again, or you'll be hearing from lawyer!" "We're over Josh!" I heard Ally scream as she ran downstairs. "Ally wait!" I yelled.  Too late, she already had stormed out the door.

Ally's POV

I can't believe Josh cheated on me!  I kept my head down a little.  I didn't want anyone to recognized by anyone.  Suddenly, I bumped into someone. I looked up to see that I had bumped into Zayn Malik from One Direction.  All the boys were standing behind him.  "Sorry" I mumbled.  "I know you!  You're from that girl group called Symbol!" the one called Louis exclaimed.  "Yea, I'm from Symbol." I mumbled.  "Now, what's a popstar like you walking alone and crying?!" the one called Liam asked me.  "Long story." I said.  "We've got time." Harry said.  "You sure?" I asked.  "Yes." Niall said.  I told them the hole story.  After I was done, Zayn put his arm around me.  "It'll be okay love." he said softly.



(A/N I might not be able to update a lot!  Sorry! Please comment bellow what you think!)

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