Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


31. ... :)

Chapter twenty eight ❤

''Justin, the buses are ready. They're going to wheel Bethanny's bed out through the back away from the camera's and we'll be right behind them.'' Scooter informed me the next morning.

I got up, grabbing my mom by her hand. She tightly held on back as we walked behind everyone. Once we were inside the tour bus, I heard the wheels rub against the gravel signaling we were officially on the move to Florida.

''How long till we get to Florida?'' I asked the driver. He looked at his watch, with one hand on the steering wheel. ''About four hours. Six at most.''

I nodded, going to the back of the bus where Bethanny was. I heard the beep of her alarm that was still attached to her bed. I sighed, shaking my knee. I was nervous to see her. It was like the first time I met her. By accident. She was walking outside, on the cold streets of New York, when I accidentally hit her head with a door.

My eyes were glued to her. She was perfect, even with a bruise on her head. Her eyes were a dangerous dark green, and her skin was amazingly tan like a mocha color. Her dark hair tied everything together. And her lips. They're as soft as they looked. She stole my heart when I took her out. And I don't think she's ever going to let it go.


''We could be starving. We could be homeless. We could be broke. As long as you love me, I'll be your platinum. I'll be your sliver. I'll be your gold.'' I sang into the microphone, which was the acoustic version. Dan was next to me stroking on the guitar. After arriving at Florida, we rehearsed and just went ahead and got started with the concert. My mom stayed behind in the tour bus with Bethanny.

''As long as you love me.'' I finished, out of breath. I stood still, looking out into the crowd. It was over thirteen thousand people that had come to see me. But nothing compared to my concert in Mexico. God, I love that country.

I smiled, wiping my sweat with my sleeve. ''I love you all!'' I shouted, skipping off stage. I found Scooter who was ready to get me out of here. My life was road trip, rehearsals, concert, and then road trip again. This Believe tour was difficult, but I was definitely up for the challenge.
We headed on to the tour bus, ready to move to the next state. For the rest of this year, it would be in America, then later in two thousand and thirteen, the tour would finish off in some other countries.

''My beautiful Bethanny.'' I said, smiling. I closed the door behind me, leaving Bethanny and I in silence. ''I can't wait to see you.'' I whispered pausing. ''Don't ever leave me again when you wake up. Don't ever slip into a deep sleep. You know what? I'm just not going to let you sleep at all. You might not wake up and I can't stand the thought of not having you near me. Or talking to me.'' I said, feeling my eyes sting with tears.

I guess it would be the perfect time. The perfect time to tell her those three words I should have before, but I didn't. ''Bethanny, I...'' I started, feeling ajar. I grabbed her hand, feeling a cold sensation run through my own. I sighed, leaning back in my chair. I guess I would wait until she woke up so it could be more special.

I clutched on her hand, gripping on it tightly. She needed to wake up soon. ''Please God.'' I mouthed, looking up. Since I was Christian since birth, I trusted Him completely. He's the reason I'm in this position. The reason I'm so famous in such little time. If he can do that, then he can wake Bethanny up so it's worth a try. I mean, hey. Believe.

I prayed for at least two minutes before seeing that nothing happened. Bethanny was strong and could do this on her own. But it would be nice for a little help. It's not like we can prove the doctor's wrong. It's not like that's even-

''Huh?'' I said, feeling something grab back to my hand. ''Bethanny?'' I asked, standing up. I looked at her for any sign of movement, but she didn't show any. I guess it was just my imagination. I sat back down, grabbing Bethanny's hand again.

''I can take you up, I can take you home. I can take you, ohh, where you wanna go.'' I whispered in a sing song tone. I closed my eyes, feeling the air vent of cold air, throw itself towards me. I felt another tiny grasp onto my hand. I jerked up, widening my eyes. Okay, it had to be Bethanny.

''Baby? You can do it. Come on.'' I spoke, feeling hope run through my body. ''Come on.'' I said, grabbing her hand again. The beep of her heart rate grew faster each second. I laughed in excitement, bracing myself to hear her beautiful voice.

I felt another grasp on my hand, this time lasted longer. I removed the breathing mask away from her mouth, knowing she wouldn't need it anymore. ''You're strong. You can do it!'' I said, finally pushing her to hurry up. I saw Bethanny's eyes blink repeatedly, startling me. ''Babe. Baby. Babe.'' I said, not knowing what to do, much less say.

And then, at last. I saw her dark green orbs, look into mine.
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