Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


40. You Messed With The Wrong Person.

Chapter thirty eight ❤

''I missed you baby girl.'' her stepdad said.

I shut my eyes tightly, trying to endure my pain. My mom helped me up quickly, helping me stand straight. A few seconds later, Scooter and Alfredo came running to our destination. A little late, weren't yall?

Bethanny's stepdad yanked her by the arm, dragging her towards the front of the bus to his car. Scooter tried to shove him away, but the stepdad pulled out something unexpected. Everyone gasped, scared of what could happen.

''W-Why do you have a gun!?'' Bethanny shouted in frustration. Her stepdad grinned an evil grin, raising the head of the gun towards Scooter who was the closest to him. Scooter tripped back, blocking my mom and I. I groaned, trying to endure the pain quickly so I could protect the love of my life. I needed to do something soon before we all become the wounded.

Bethanny attempted to walk away from her stepdad, but he raised the gun near her, making everyone gasp in shock once more. Alfredo took action, and slapped the gun out of his hand; the gun shooting on accident. The bullet sped to the windsheild of the car, shattering it to pieces. I bent down, picking up the gun.

''Let me go.'' Bethanny said, trying to squirm out of her stepdads grip when he realized it was five against one. Considering how tiny Bethanny was, she wasn't going to get away without any help from someone. ''Get him!'' I yelled, limping behind the stepdad. He started running, throwing Bethanny over his shoulders.

She just threw punches in every direction, occasionally hitting his back every now and then. Then, her foot met with his area, making him fall to the ground, holding it. Bethanny screamed, running by my side. ''I'm so sorry.'' she said, putting both of her hands on both sides of my cheeks. I swallowed roughly, shaking my head. ''It's nothing.'' I said, feeling my ribs hurt.

Scooter grabbed Bethanny's stepdad with the help of Alfredo. Now for sure, he wasn't going to get away. ''Get the fuck off of me you prick!'' the stepdad shouted with agony. I walked over to him. ''You're unworthy of a stepdaughter. Don't ever touch Bethanny again. Or I'll come after you.'' I growled, letting go of the side of my hips.

''You're a kid. You can't do shit.'' he spat, spitting right below me. I raised my eyebrows, seriously laughing inside. The strength I had left, is what I used to throw a punch right to his stomach, trying to penetrate through all the fat he literally had layers of. Scooter and Alfredo just let me have a little bit of fun with this prick.

As if he hadn't gotten punched, he stood straight, coughing the pain out. I raised my knee, kicking him straight in the crotch. That was his weak spot I guessed because he suddenly dropped to the ground. I scunched my nose in pain when I'd raised my knee.

I smirked, hiding my own pain. I kicked him again with my foot a couple times before being stopped by Bethanny. I looked over at her confused. ''S-Stop.'' she mumbled, letting a few tears flow down. I breathed heavily, looking down at her stepdad. I guess a part of him reminded her of her mother. I didn't blame her. I wouldn't want her to hit my dad's current wife. Unless there was a reason.

I sighed, satisfied in his condition, watching him spit out saliva mixed with his own blood. ''I'm taking you to the police for domestic violence.'' Scooter hissed, lifting him up roughly. I watched them drive away, leaving my mom, Bethanny and I alone. ''Oh my God baby. Are you okay?'' my mom asked, sniffling.

I grunted as she accidently hugged me a little too tightly, squishing my ribs. She jerked away quickly. ''You need to go to a hospital.'' my mom said, pulling me with her. ''Oh wait. We don't have a car.'' she realized, frowning. ''Just hold on baby. I'm sure Scooter will be back soon.'' she assured me, kissing my forhead gently.

I limped to the door of the tour bus, going inside with the help of Bethanny and my mom.

After at least one hour, I was washed up. Bandages everywhere, bruises here and there, and of course, Bethanny by my side. ''I was so scared I'd lose you again.'' I whispered to her as she massaged my aching neck. She leaned down, breathing on my skin. ''You're not going to lose me ever again.'' Bethanny replied.
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