Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


8. You Make My Day Better.

''Tell me what you were doing. Spit it out.'' Scooter demanded, pushing me down on a chair. I became stiff when he shoved me like he did. I looked over at my mom since she was the only person that was on my side right now.

I sighed deeply, trying to think of a good excuse, rather than saying I was with Bethanny in the middle of an armed robbery. ''I-I was eating breakfast. I told you that Fredo!'' I said, implying that my sentence was to Aflredo.

He took a step towards me and spoke right in my face, ''Nobody eats breakfast for three-''

''Four.'' Scooter interrupted. ''Four hours Justin. Where did you go?'' Alfredo finished. I gritted my teeth, feeling the urge to curse but I held it in. I stared at the ground, finally answering them. ''WHY...does it matter? Huh? I think I'm old enough to handle a little responsiblity.''

''You think you're responsible? You went out in the morning without permission! You could've been kidnapped or hurt or I don't know...Try handling all of your meet and greets and your schedule for interviews and all your concert recitals. Try it. You wouldn't last one day.'' Scooter told me.

''You wouldn't last one day in my position! You think it's easy not being able to go out normally like a regular kid? You think it's easy knowing you have haters on every street corner? You think you got it bad? Try singing and dancing most hours of the day. Try it. I dare you.'' I practically yelled in Scooter's face.

Scooter sent me an icy glare before speaking. ''You were with that chick weren't you. The girl from last night?'' I swallowed my saliva feeling un-comfortable. How did he figure it out? How?

''He was. Everybody out. I need to talk to him.'' Scooter demanded as everyone obediently walked out the door, leaving us in awkward silence. ''How many times do we have to remind you? You won't get a normal life as much as you want it. It's impossible for a celebrity. If you're looking at this chick as more than a friend, stop. Look at Selena? She's your friend. She likes you. She's beautiful, and talented and you would be lucky to have her.''

''You can't choose my relationships. You can't put me with someone I don't want. Sure Selena is gorgeous, but she's my friend. Nothing more. Give me a chance to make other friends. Bethanny's nice. You should meet her.'' I told Scooter feeling the tension go down between us.

Scooter chuckled at me. ''Kids these days.'' He grabbed his phone and made a phone call. ''Yeah, we don't have anything planned for today right?'' he asked waiting for an asnwer. ''Alright, thanks.''

''Grab the keys.'' Scooter told me, rolling his eyes. I grinned like an idiot, feeling nothing but excitement. I felt a buzz in my pants, realizing it was my phone. The screen said there was a text from an unknown number which was probably Bethanny. Butterflies were born in my stomach as I clicked the message open.

What's up Bieber? (: , It read. I smiled at the screen, clicking reply.

Oh nothin much. Just getting ready p: , I sent. I waited patiently for a few seconds getting up to walk out the hotel room behind scooter. Pretty soon I felt a vibration in the palms of my hands.

Oh, I'm sorry... is it a bad time? , Bethanny replied making me chuckle quietly.

No im on my way to see you silly. Ill see you in 10. , I answered finally getting into the car and driving to Bethanny's house.

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