Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


27. Voices..

Chapter twenty four ❤

''Justin.'' I heard in my ear, feeling a hand shake me afterwards. I dug my head deeper into my arms that were resting against the table of the hospital room as I was trying to sleep. ''Justin.'' I heard again in a normal voice.

I jerked up, squinting my eyes to get more clear vision. I looked around and saw nobody in the room. Not even Bethanny. My heart pumped even harder as I remembered what had happened to Bethanny. I placed a hand on my chest, trying to sooth the ache I felt.

I walked out of the room, seeing a vacant hallway which was scary, considering the fact that hospitals were always busy. ''Hello?'' I said, rubbing my eyes. ''Mom? Scooter?''

''Hello?'' I heard an angelic voice behind me. I smiled, recognizing Bethanny's voice. I turned around slowly, seeing her beautiful eyes stare at mine. ''I missed you baby. I don't ever want to lose you.'' I said, leaning in for a kiss.

''Stop.'' she said seriously. ''No Bethanny. It's okay. It's me. Justin.'' I said smiling.

''Justin? Have we met?'' she asked, clueless. I felt my heart literally sink slowly down my stomach, making it ache again after have been gone for a little. ''Bethanny. It's Justin. Your boyfriend. You passed out last night. But you're okay now.'' I explained, confused at the same time.

''I-I don't have a boyfriend. Sorry.'' she said, turning around into the opposite direction. Her bare feet clamped against the tiled floor, walking away from me. ''Bethanny. Wait!'' I shouted, seeing her walk a little bit faster. I jogged up to her, clasping onto her shoulders when she just dissapeared into thin air.

''What the...'' I spoke, dropping to my knees. ''Bethanny!?'' I questioned as if she'd magically come back.

''It's time to let her go Justin. It's been at least six years.'' I heard a deep voice behind me speak. I wiped a teardrop that trickled down my cheek away. I got up from my knees and turned around spotting my dad. ''Dad? What are you talking about?'' I asked, sniffling soflty.

''Bethanny hasn't woken up. You need to let go. It's time.'' he said, extending his hand towards mine. I shook my head in dissagreement. ''Okay son. I understand.'' my dad spoke, smiling at me.

''Wake up.'' I heard in a whisper tone. Oh my gosh, what were all these voices!? I closed my eyes, rubbing them consistantly with my hands. I opened them, and there I was. Back in the hospital room in front of Bethanny. ''Honey, you're sweating. You had a bad dream.'' my mom said, handing me a cup of water. I refused to grab it, seeing her frown.

''No movement?'' I asked. Scooter and my mom shook their heads at the same time. I sighed, leaning back in my chair. ''Yeah he's awake.'' My mom whispered to someone, scaring me. I turned my head, seeing Alfredo at the entrance of the room. ''Can we talk?'' he asked sincerely.

I gritted my teeth, feeling heat rise up my mouth. I got up, leading him outside. ''What.'' I spat.

''I'm really sorry... for everything. I was a prick. You know how I get when I drink. Justin, we're like brothers. Don't let my mistake get in the way of that. I'm begging you. Please.'' he said, convincing me he was sober. I looked down at his hand, carrying a small white, fluffly teddy bear.

''Just set it down beside her if you want.'' I spoke, letting him know I was okay with him there.
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