Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


3. This Is Perfect.

Even though it was really cold yesterday, it surprisingly got warmer. My flu was almost gone so thankfully, I could expect to have a great time. We drove to a nearby shopping center where there was a bunch of places to dine in, eat, and relax. As soon as we picked a restaurant to eat breakfast at we went inside, ordered, and talked to whole time.

''Are you sure it's not expensive? I never come to this part of town because everything is priced higher.'' I heard Bethanny ask emphasizing 'everything'. I shook my head to her question. ''It's fine. Trust me.'' I muttered, holding my stare with her beautiful eyes. She quickly noticed I was staring, and blushed deeply looking down at her food. She had barely touched it. No wonder she was so fit and skinny. ''Eat. Look, try the bacon. It's amazing.'' I suggested, picking up a piece and requesting to put it in her mouth. She smiled, and opened her mouth for me to place the bacon. Once she got a grip on it, she bit my finger playfully.

I yelped, jerking my hand back. She smiled deviously, only making her look sexier than she already was. I licked my lips while I thought about her. She nodded her head, complimenting the food. ''Oh my gosh, that's amazing!'' I agreed, and we finished eating our plates, cleaning them up.

I smiled at her once I was done, as she sweetly smiled back. ''So Bethanny...Do you play anything?'' I asked, trying to talk. She glanced over out the window and then fixed her eyes on me. She gestured her head outside to a music store where they sold pianos. ''Come on.'' I said, leaving some money for our bill. I grabbed her hand and led her out the door, jogging to the other side of the street where the store was.

We entered, the cold breeze from inside hitting our faces. I glanced over at Bethanny, who was admiring a black Pearl piano. Her small fingers ran across the keys as she felt the urge to play. She sighed and moved away. ''I havn't played since my parents died.'' She told me, explaining enough for me to understand. Her eyes fixed around any object they came across. I could tell she was trying so hard not to cry. I pulled her into a hug, feeling like she was my best friend. My fingers tangled with her hair. When she pulled back, she wiped her cheeks, and walked over to the piano again.

She sat down in a bench set up in front, and placed her hands on the keys. I heard one perfect note. Then two. Three. Four. and pretty soon, she was glued to that instrument. I listened as she flawlessley played a song I didn't recognize. Once it was over, it kept me with wanting more. Allot of people were watching her, listening to every harmonic second. I could see how passionate she was about this. I respected that. I really did.

Bethanny looked up at me and smiled, blushing a rosy color. I chuckled to myself, walking over to her petite body. ''You play so good. Flawless.'' I complimened, making her giggle softly. ''Thank you, but...You're better.'' She said. I had a feeling she was opening up to me. When I first met her, she was really arrogant towards me. She only looked at me as the cause of her injury but now, I think I might be labeled as friend in her mind now. Staring at her completly gorgeous face, I took her hand feeling jolts up my arm, and led her to a different part of the room where I saw that they sold guitars too. When we entered, I picked up a guitar and tuned it fastly.

''This is for you.'' I said, pointing at her before my fingers brushed against the chords with my guitar pick.

''I'd wait on you forever. Any day, Hand and foot. Your world is my world. Yeah, ain' no way you ever gon' get any less than you should. Cause baby, You smile, I smile. Oh, Cause whenever. You smile, I smile. Hey, hey hey.... Your lips my biggest weakness.''' I sang softly staring at her face. When I finished up, she was blushing like crazy. I could feel weird sensations through my stomach, almost tickling me on the spot. I set the guitar down, and walked over to her. She smiled at me, but quickly looked down in an awkward position. This would be a great time to kiss her, but I've only known her for two days.

I pecked her cheek, ''Let's go. I wanna show you something.'' I told Bethanny, making her smile. That smile that was worth more than gold and silver. Carats and diamonds.


''It's beautiful. How did you do this?'' Bethanny asked me, gazing up at the painting I had painted. It is, or used to be, a hobby of mine. I would paint, and that's how I could come up with lyrics to my song. ''I came back from church one day, and I just painted this. That tree in the middle represents my mom. It was a mothers day gift. She's always going to be my one and only.'' I spoke, feeling cheesy and girly. Bethanny stared at me in awe, which made me feel ajar. ''I am the next Picasso.'' I joked.

We were at an art store that had published my painting. Allot of things where here in New York. Many important places like this. I came here for vacation with my mom during the Summer. Since Canada is so close, it seemed like the best idea.

She laughed at my remark. I could feel our bodies so close to each other, not even a newspaper could fit in between. Our fingers touched gently, so I decided to make a move and tangled mine with hers. Her soft hand was loose, but soon gripped my own. She smiled to herself, still looking at my art. This was perfect.

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