Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


42. Therapy..

Chapter forty ❤

*One and a half years later*

It's been one year and six months since I last saw Bethanny. Everyday is a struggle on it's own. Just singing my Believe songs makes me think about her. Especially Take You. I get sentimental each time I sing it. How could she just leave me? We lost our virginity to eachother. We loved eachother, or at least, I loved her. I know what I felt was real, because when I think of her, my heart hurts. Of course, I've moved on but...nothing's the same, nor ever will be. Maybe I haven't even moved on at all. It's just hallucinating.

''I can't believe your Believe tour is over.'' Selena said, sipping her Starbucks coffee as we laid on the couch watching a movie. I shrugged, taking a bite of my streusal cake. ''You want some?'' I asked politely, requesting to feed Selena. She smiled, opening her mouth. I dropped a piece of cake in her mouth, seeing her eat it in pleasure. ''Good?'' I asked. She nodded, pecking my lips.

I smiled, pulling her face to mine again so my lips met hers. She giggled, pressing back. I cupped her face with my hands, tasting cinnamon on her tongue. I smirked, feeling her tongue play around with mine. Her hands went to my hair, playing with it casually. I moved my hands down to her waist, pulling onto my lap.

She looked at me smiling. ''Tomorrow's our anniversary.'' she purred in my ear. ''I know. One year together.'' I replied, clutching onto the hem of her shirt. ''How do you say I give you an early present?'' she whispered seductivley, unbuttoning my collared shirt. I smirked, letting her unbutton my shirt fully. Selena slid it off, flipping her hair out of the way.

''You're my sexy latina.'' I murmured, seeping my hands into her shirt, finding around her waist. ''Woah, your hands are freezing.'' she hissed, but not really mad. ''Then make 'em warm.'' I joked, tracing shapes on her skin. Selena threw her head back, laughing at me. I grinned, seeing the perfect oppurtinity to do what I do best.

I placed my lips in the center of her upper chest, slowly leaving a trail of butterfly kisses until I reached her jawline. ''Justin.'' she moaned, placing her hand on the back of my head to pull me towards her. I sucked lightly, leaving Selena in wanting once I'd pulled away. I glanced over at the clock, reading three thirty five pm. ''Shit.'' I muttered, lifting Selena off my lap. ''I'm late for my therapy. This is the fifth time.'' I mumbled, putting my shoes on.

Selena frowned, leaning back on the couch. ''Oh. I guess, I'll see you tomorrow?'' she asked, biting her lip. I smiled, looking at her. ''Of course babe.'' I said, passionatley kissing her one last time before heading out. ''Oh here! Don't forget your mood ring.'' Selena reminded me. I chuckled, placing it on my middle finger.


''That's quite an interesting ring you have there.'' my therapist, Sheryl, advised me. I shook my leg repeatedly, sitting in front of her. If you're asking why I have a therapist, is because after Bethanny left, I just lost it. I remember those six months well. I barely ate. I barely sang to myself anymore. I didn't smile as much as I did when I was with Bethanny. I didn't hang out with anyone. I didn't talk to anyone. I just wasn't myself anymore. My mom insisted I saw someone immediately to help get my mind off things and of course, Selena was open for busines.

I'm joking. But she has helped me in so many ways. I laugh now. Constantly with her. And well, my therapist just helps me relieve the feelings buried in my heart that I don't dig out. ''Yeah, I guess it is. I lost the little note card for the colors and what they mean.'' I said, chuckling nervously.

''I think I might have one.'' Sheryl said, uncrossing her legs to rummage around in a few drawers. I looked outside, enjoying the view of the Malibu beach. I was actually settling down for a while in a home I've rented for my mom and me. ''What color is your ring?'' Sheryl asked me, yanking me out of my thoughts.

''Blue.'' I answered, observing it. ''Mixed with green.''

She read the paper, raising her eyebrows. ''It says that blue with green shows you are falsing to a loved one, currently mourning of someones tragic death, or unknown dissapearance.''

Wow. That was exactly what I was feeling. This mood ring is creepy. ''Justin.'' my therapist pouted, crossing her arms. ''I thought you were making progress?''

''I am!'' I grumbled, staring at my shoes. ''Obviously, you aren't. You need to fix whatever you're feeling. Since I can't seem to help you resolve it, you have to do it on your own.'' she ordered, grabbing her purse. ''I'm late for a four o'clock meeting. I'll see you next week. Be on time Justin.'' she warned, leaving out the door.

I sighed, looking out the window at all the people. Some were walking their dogs. Others were skateboarding. A few ladies were in their swimsuits, walking to the beach. And me? I was in therapy.
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