Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


17. The Good News!

Chapter fifteen :)

''Come on Scooter. She won't be any trouble. I promise.'' I pleaded to Scooter after asking him if Bethanny would be able to come on the Believe tour with us. After Bethanny and I had come up with the ingenious idea, we ran straight inside. I was still in my swimming shorts and Bethanny was in my hotel room probably drying off.

''I-I don't know Justin. You might get distracted and you know I can't let that happen.'' Scooter made an excuse. He knew I was very dedicated to what I do and still tried to tell me I would get distracted? ''And plus, you won't have any time with her. You'll be rehearsing and practicing. She's not gonna have very much fun.'' he finished.

''Fun? Scooter, she's going to be on the Believe tour with us! How can that not be fun!?'' I said almost laughing at Scooter. ''We can make time. She plays piano Scooter. Maybe she could play with us on stage?'' I suggested finally getting Scooter's un-divided attention. He liked people that had an ear for music. He always used them to make something even better.

''The chick plays?'' he questioned. I nodded, smiling as I thought about her. I glanced over at my mom who was watching the television; her feet plotted on the coffee table. ''Scooter, just let the girl come. I've been wanting to meet her. How 'bout we all go to dinner tomorrow after your interviews?'' my mom suggested.

I looked over back at Scooter who finally gave up. It was three against one. ''Fine, whatever.'' Scooter muttered throwing his hands up in the air of surrender.

I chuckled and went back to my room. ''So?'' Bethanny questioned when I walked in the room. ''You're coming!'' I told her. She squealed happily, and ran up to me, hugging me tightly. I wrapped my arms around her waist, hugging her back. ''Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I can finally get away from my brother, a-and that house.''

''And your step dad.'' I reminded her, only trying to make things even better than they sounded. She nodded letting me go. ''Thank you.'' she whispered. She was most likely thanking me for giving her an excuse to get away from her old life. I mean, she wouldn't be away permanently but for a long while. The tour ends at the end of two thousand and thirteen.

''I'm just not ready to let you go yet. Do you want me to drive you to your house so you can pick up some of your stuff?'' I asked her, smiling. She shook her head at me. ''No. No, it's okay. We'll go tomorrow.'' she answered.

''So are you gonna sleep in your bathing suit tonight?'' I winked at her, lifting her tiny body up from the ground. ''Are you crazy? I'm going to freeze with the temperature set in here.'' she argued.

''Not if I keep you warm.'' I said, kissing her neck gently. Bethanny giggled as I carried her over towards the bed and gently laid her over the mattress. I wasn't going to do it with her right now. I just wanted to kiss her again. She was really amazing at that. And I loved knowing the feeling that I had her all to myself.

My knees laid on the outside of her thighs, as I repeatedly kissed her soft lips. My hand trailed down her arm finding her fingers, and intertwining them with my own. Bethanny's free hand rose up to the back of my neck, tugging on the tips of my hair. I licked her bottom lip, feeling her smile as I did so. She parted her lips, letting my tongue slide in easily.

Her hair was damp, but drying and her bathing suit was still a little moist like mine. When Bethanny leaned up, she broke our kiss. ''How 'bout we take a breath. Yeah?''

I chuckled nodding, pecking her lips once more. ''And get out of these wet clothes.'' I added, getting off the bed.

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