Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


38. Random Car, Random Man

Chapter thirty six ❤

''I don't know. He's just parked out there, sitting in his car. Do you know him Fredo?'' I heard loudly behind my door. I groaned, annoyed by all the voices. I looked over at Bethanny, who was soundly sleeping. I smiled, rubbing my eyes to awaken. I walked over to my door, opening it to see the crew standing in the middle of the bus. ''Would you guys shut up? Some people actually sleep. Have you ever heard of it?'' I said.

''Good morning cranky.'' Scooter said. ''Good morning?'' I asked, confused. Scooter nodded confirming my question. I looked out the window, seeing the sun high in the sky. Then my eyes dropped to a car parked in distance from the bus. ''Geez, it feels like the middle of the night.''I complained.

''What did Bethanny and you do last night?'' my mom asked. I gulped, not wanting to tell her we went to a club and saw Selena. But if I didn't, everyone would probably find out anyways because Selena might tell them any day. ''So, why aren't we on the move yet?'' I asked trying to change the subject because I didn't feel like explaining everything. I realized we were in the same spot as yesterday. That we'd never left.

''Well, we have a flat tire. Dan went to pick it up at the nearest store a few minutes ago.'' my mom informed me. ''And why is there a random car over there?'' I asked, pointing into the alley. We were currently at this rest stop for buses like ours.

''We have no idea. We were trying to get to the bottom of that when you woke up.'' Alfredo said, jumping in. I rubbed my eyes once more, finally, and fully, awake. I walked out the door, hearing everyone blabber about not going. I shoved them off, going towards the car. ''May I help you?'' I asked, coming close to the window of the car.

There was a man with a receding hairline. His shirt was stained with what looked like beer. He was quite chunky, and had a gold chain around his neck. ''No, you may not.'' he hissed, giving me an icy glare.

''Well then, can you please leave? You're freaking everyone out.'' I suggested angrily. The man looked at me, slowly breathing. I heard Scooter and Alfredo running towards my way. ''Get inside Bieber.'' Scooter demanded, pushing me away. I felt my muscles tense up at his touch. Disobeying Scooter, I stayed.

''Are you looking for someone?'' Scooter asked, a little nicer than me. The man got out of his car, shutting the door faintly. ''My daughter.'' he spoke. ''I think you have us mistaken for some other people. See, this is Justin Bieber, and I'm his manager. I don't even know how you got past the gates.'' Scooter said.

''I know damn well who this is, and no, I think I'm in the right place.'' the man spat.
Ooooo who is that man??? :o Like you don't know, this man is ..........
NOT TELLIN YA :D Kay anyways I'm gonna post the next chapter... Tomorrow, so you'll have to wait c:
Thanks for reading, love you<3

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