Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


34. Mmm.. :)

Chapter thirty one ❤

Bethanny lay next to me, with the covers pulled over our bare bodies. I couldn't believe it. Everything was perfect. The one I loved right next to me. I never thought I'd be so cheesy. Not in a million years. Bethanny's body, was skin to skin with mine. Her hands laid on my chest, as she attempted to go into a slumber.

''No. You're not going to sleep.'' I argued, opening her eyelids. She groaned, sighing. ''I'm going to have to sleep someday. I mean, after what you and Jerry did to me, I'm a little tired. I hate to admit.'' she said, making me laugh loudly. ''Shh!'' she whispered angrily. I chuckled. ''Well, I'm hungry.'' I confessed, letting her out of my arms. I got up, feeling the cold air hit my skin. I'd forgotten I had no clothes on.

''Justin! Jerry's going to get cold!'' she whispered loudly. I laughed again. She threw me a pair of boxers on the floor. I caught them, slipping them on. I went towards the cabinet, pulling out a bag of Hot Fries. Munching on them, I walked back to the bed, laying down next to Bethanny. I grabbed a cheeto, requesting to feed Bethanny.

She smiled, opening her mouth. I popped it in, hearing her it crunch loudly. ''Aye, not so loud. My mom will wake up.'' I joked. ''Says the one who laughed out loud.'' she argued, making me chuckle. ''More.'' she begged after I hogged the bag to myself. ''No.'' I denied, seeing her frown. ''I'm just kidding. Here.'' I said, offering a chip. She shook her head, denying me as well.

''You know you want it.'' I whispered, holding it in front of her mouth. Bethanny gave into my demand, opening her mouth. I placed it closer, yanking it away when she thought I was going to let it go in her mouth. ''Justin!'' she pouted, turning the other direction.

I frowned, no longer seeing her face. ''I was just kidding. Here.'' I said, pushing the chip towards her lips. She opened her mouth. I teased her, pulling the chip away. ''That's it!'' Bethanny said, hitting me with a pillow. ''Aye, aye. I'm sorry babe.'' I said, laughing at her.

''No. You're not sorry yet.'' she threatened, smirking. She got up, exposing her bare body. She must have forgotten she was naked too.

''Woah, woah. Cover up your girls!'' I spoke, making her giggle. ''What are they called. Elizabeth and...uh, Ann?'' I continued, breaking up her full name into two parts. She rolled her eyes, grabbing the sheets to wrap herself in them.

I laid back down on the bed. I watched Bethanny unlock the door, and walk out. My eyebrows bunched together in confusion. She came back with a jar of Nutella, and a spoon. I frowned at the sight of it. ''You only have one spoon.'' I whined. ''Exactly.'' she said, dipping the spoon in the Nutella.

''You are no fair.'' I said, crossing my arms.

''Shush up Justin. You have your stale cheetos, and I have my creamy Nutella. We all win.'' she said sarcastically, giggling afterwards. I rolled my eyes. ''Oh yea, we all win.'' I mimicked her. I pushed her spoon to her lips, getting Nutella all over them. ''Justin!'' she said, punching my arm. Was it me, or was she a lot more defensive now.

''Let me get that for you.'' I said, pulling her face to mine. I kissed her lips, licking the Nutella off as well. As soon as I'd gotten all of it, I pulled away in satisfaction. ''Thanks.'' Bethanny said, smiling. She took another spoonful of Nutella, savoring it like they were my lips. ''Well, I'm going to brush my teeth and we can rest. It's about to be four am.'' I told her, leaving the bed.
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