Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


21. Just Tryin' To Help!

Chapter eighteen ❤

''So Bethanny. Where are you from originally?'' my mom asked Bethanny as we were waiting for our food. It was a table six chairs. I was across from Bethanny. My mom was across from Scooter sitting beside me, and Alfredo was on the edge of the table.

''I'm from Malibu, California but I moved up to New york with my older brother when my.. ahem, parents died.'' Bethanny said, taking a sip of her drink. I looked at her as she struggled to finish. I blew her kiss in attempt to see her smile.

She giggled, blushing completely. Scooter and Alfredo we're just having their own conversation of two while Bethanny, my mom and I were having our own. ''Yeah, and she plays piano.'' I confessed to my mom. ''Yeah, but I'm not that good. I haven't played in a while.'' Bethanny interrupted, glaring at me. ''No mom. She's lying. She's amazing. You need to hear her.''

Bethanny laughed nervously, arguing back, ''No. She doesn't. I'm sure she hears enough ruckus from you.''

''Would you like to hear her mom?'' I asked my mom, smirking at her. ''I'm not going to get in between this nonsense. If she wants to play for me Justin, then let her play. If she doesn't, then she'll play when she's ready.''

''But Mom.'' I whined, giving her a sad look. ''Justin, get settled. The food is here.'' My mom ordered, grabbing my cheeks. Bethanny looked over at me and giggled quietly making it impossible to be mad with her.

Her dangerous eyes stared me down and I realized we we're having a staring contest. I smirked, confident I would win the game. She shook her head, almost as if she'd heard my thoughts. My eyes began to sting with a tear as I felt my eyes get dry. Bethanny bit her lip, still not blinking. I resisted the urge to lean across the table and attack her plump lips.

''Honey, get the plate, will you?'' my mom asked kindly. I reached my hand for the plate using only my peripheral vision to see. It was a dumb thing to do because the next thing I knew, there was soda spilled all over Bethanny's dress.

''JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!'' my mom yelled, making a few people in the restaurant gasp. Luckily, as I said before, the paparazzi would be gone if you gave them what they wanted. ''Oh my God, Bethanny... I'm really sorry.'' I apologized, feeling like shit.

''I-It's okay. I'll just... go clean up.'' Bethanny whispered, flushing in embarrassment. ''I'll help her. You just, sit here.'' I told my mom, rushing after Bethanny walking towards the bathrooms.

''What are you doing Justin? You can't come in the girls bathroom!'' Bethanny whispered loudly. I pushed her further into the the bathroom so nobody would see me go in. ''I just want to help. I'm really so-''

''It's fine. I never liked this dress anyways....Crap, I think it sank through it. My stomach's sticky.'' she told me, as I was grabbing a couple of napkins. My eyebrows joined together in confusion. '' How are you gonna clean your stomach then? That dress is skin tight.'' I said, winking at her.

She paused, and gave me an 'are you serious' look. '"What?'' I smirked, turning her around. I looked at her through the mirror in front of us, and left butterfly kisses on her mid-back, going up to her neck, sucking lightly on her skin. ''Justin...'' she let out, closing her eyes.

My fingers played with the zipper of her dress, wanting to just yank it down. ''What if-'' I heard her argue stopping as I sucked on another part of her skin. My hands gripped on her waist, feeling the cloth of the dress.

''Justin!'' Bethanny gasped as I unzipped her dress, exposing her back fully. ''Don't worry. I have an undershirt and some shorts underneath my clothes. You can wear that.'' Bethanny groaned, not wanting to accept the fact that this night was ruined. She turned around facing me; her height only reaching below my chin.

I grabbed the sleeve of her dress, and pulled it down, revealing her black, Lacy bra. It was just the same as wearing a swimsuit except it was just undergarments. I removed my jacket and both shirts, as Bethanny put her tiny hands on my chest. ''Like what you see?'' I joked, making her blush nonstop. ''Just give me the clothes.'' she muttered, rolling her eyes.

''Give me a kiss first. Not every thing's free babe.'' I ordered, as her dress fell to the floor. I pulled her hips towards mine, feeling my erection grow even larger, unable to be contained. Bethanny smashed her lips with mine, dragging her tongue against my bottom lips. I slightly opened my mouth, as I attempted to deepen the kiss.

She pulled away, grabbing my white undershirt, and sliding it over her upper body after having cleaned it. I pulled my other shirt and jacket, and slid them on, unbuttoning my pants to pull off my shorts, only left with my boxers. ''What's the password?'' I asked, holding my basketball shorts away from Bethanny. She stood on her tip toes, inching her lips closer to mine, teasing me as she rubbed her hands across my arms. ''Your mom.'' She said quickly, yanking the shorts out of my hand, and putting them on.

''Now, put your pants on and let's go.'' She ordered, pecking my lips.


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