Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


10. It's Gonna Be Good, Just Wait.


''My stepdad.'' Bethanny whispered blinking repeatedly. ''You have a stepdad?'' I asked confused. She nodded at me, confirming my question. I looked over at Scooter who was as confused as I was.

''Why....''I paused trying to form the correct question to ask Bethannny, ''Why didn't you tell me?''

''Because I thought he was gone. Before my parents...um..you know died, My mom had gotten re-married. I barely found out at least two months ago and so did my stepdad.'' Bethanny told me pausing. She pulled my arm and yanked me away from Scooter to tell me something a little more secretive. ''My stepdad...and please don't tell anyone Justin..''She begged, whimpering softly, continuing,

''He came home this morning after I'd left. I-I was texting you when he barged in my room and looked through my phone. Then he saw our conversation. The last text you sent was before he slapped his hand over my c-cheek.'' she explained sobbing once more.

My thoughts were just plain fury. I know what these types of stepfathers lead to. They usually end up raping their own stepdaughters. If more, making them their personal slave. I couldn't allow that to happen. ''But Justin, I'm okay. H-He was just drunk. When he's s-sober he's nice.'' Bethanny assured me even though I didn't believe any part of her.

I shook my head, denying everything. ''You need to leave Bethanny. You deserve so much better.'' I said, pulling her into my embrace. She breathed out, as I felt her tiny hands wrap around my waist. She was holding me tightly, as if she were scared.

''Trust me Justin. I'll be fine. If anything goes wrong, I'll call you.'' Bethanny whispered onto my chest, pulling away. She looked through one of the windows of her house. ''I-I have to get inside before my stepdad comes back. By the way, who's he?'' She asked me, nodding her head over at Scooter who was leaning on the truck.

I chuckled nervously, ''I came here cause I wanted to introduce you to Scooter but I came in a bad time.'' I confessed, frowning slightly. ''Hi, I'm Bethanny. Sorry for all the commotion but don't worry. I'm fine. Nice to meet you.'' Bethanny greeted, walking over to Scooter.

''Scooter, nice to meet you. Justin over here wanted me to meet you. Appearantly, you're important.'' Scooter said, embarrassing me. I felt my cheeks get hot when Bethanny turned around wink at me playfully.

Once she turned back around, I made a face at Scooter as I just saw him laugh to himself. I rolled my eyes and motioned Scooter that we needed to go. As much as I wanted to stay with Bethanny and protect her from harm, I knew Scooter wasn't really happy here after all the trouble I had caused him.

''Bye Bethanny. Text me when you can. Soon, if possible.'' I told her, trying to avoid bringing up her stepdad. She nodded, looking up into my eyes. I melted each second she kept her stare. She was beautiful and I hated to see her hurt. Bethanny wrapped her arms around me before I could hug her first.

I laid my chin on her head, soothing her calmly. I was gonna miss her. She was one of the first girls I'd met that didn't keep reminding myself I was Justin Bieber. I didn't know what this was exactly, but I knew it would lead to something and good.

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