Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


48. I Still Love You.

Chapter forty four

I pulled the girl away from my grip, letting the street lights beam onto her face as I held her by the shoulders. Her dark, mystic eyes stared into mine, almost crying at the scene. Bethanny was right in front of me. It was actually her.

''Oh my God, Bethanny!'' I shouted, hugging her tightly. She didn't respond, or hug me back, breaking my heart. I heard myself sniffle, feeling tears stream down my cheeks. ''Where did you go?! What were you doing with him?!'' I asked suddenly. Bethanny tried running away from me, but I locked her in my hold again.

''Justin...'' she whispered, looking at the ground. ''Go away.'' she begged, moving around. ''Bethanny.'' I whispered, lifting up her chin. I didn't know what I was doing until all I felt was my lips brush against hers. I missed her touch. I missed her laughs. I missed her humor. I missed her body. I missed the way she made me feel after a concert. The way she looked at me just before we were about to go to sleep. I missed everything about her.

Bethanny, pushed me away with her hands, licking her lips. ''No. You have a girlfriend...you have Selena.'' she said. My stomach twisted, as I remembered Selena. She was the only one in my way from being with Bethanny.

''I-I have to go. You're just going to make things worse.'' she mumbled, walking away from me. I jogged up behind her, pulling her by the waist. ''You're the only thing I need right now. Bethanny. Can't you see? We were meant to be together. I couldn't have found you on the street, and saved you because that's life? It's fate.'' I paused, swallowing a large lump in the middle of my throat. ''I-I still love you. I don't think my feelings will ever change. I don't feel what I felt with you Bethanny. I don't love Selena. I love you.'' I confessed, seeing her eyes look at me.

I smiled in content, staring at her beautiful face. She hadn't aged a day, and she still looked the same.

Bethanny shook her head, denying what I'd just told her. ''Look at me!'' I grumbled, holding onto her. I leaned down, gently placing my lips on hers. She refused for at least a few seconds, but then I felt her soft lips press back with passion. I let my hands off her waist, knowing she wasn't going to try to get away anymore.

My hands cupped her small face, deepening the kiss like it would be my last. ''Get away from him!'' I heard, making my eyes widely open. Selena walked over to Bethanny, pushing her roughly. ''Oh my God, I'm so sorry Selena! I didn't mean to kiss him. I'm so so so sorry.'' Bethanny apologized, wiping her lips.

I frowned, angry at Selena for ruining everything. ''Come on baby.'' Selena pouted, pulling my arm. I jerked away, not knowing what to do. I couldn't just break up with Selena on our anniversary. That would tear her to shreds. It would break her and I'm not sure she would ever be fixed. But then there was Bethanny. I needed her. I haven't seen her in one year and six months. I had to have her.

''Go to the car, I think I dropped something over there.'' I excused Selena, ordering her to go. ''What were you doing over th-''

''Just go Selena.'' I demanded, seeing her obey. When I saw her back facing us, I shoved Bethanny into the alley. ''Meet me at Cali. Ferris Bridgeport at twelve. Please come Bethanny. That's all I'm asking right now.'' I whispered, gently leaving a kiss on her lips. Bethanny sniffled, not answering me at all.

My heart ached like before. How was it possible that one chick could make me feel the way she did? I don't understand at all.

Frowning, I walked away to drive Selena home in hopes of ending the night with Bethanny at the Bridgeport tonight.


Okkk, the next 3 chapters will be tomorrow!! WaaaW I FEEL THE TENSION >:D Juss Kidding. Bai now.<3

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