Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


32. I Missed You.

Chapter twenty nine ❤

I felt a tear trickle down my cheek, tickling my skin. I was crying of joy. These past few days were the worst. Without Bethanny was like a weehead without marijuana.

She was my drug, and I felt like my life was completed. She was my other half. Bethanny, was part of me now.

''Don't cry.'' she whispered into my neck as I hugged her tightly. I didn't want to let Bethanny go. It seemed almost impossible that I wanted her so much. ''I'm not.'' I sniffled, trying to man up. Her giggle rang in my ear, making me want to hear more of her voice. ''I missed you so much Bethanny.'' I said.

When Bethanny was sleeping, she couldn't see us, but we could see her. She could hear us, but we couldn't hear her. So, we missed each other equally. ''I missed you too. I missed seeing your flawless face.'' she answered, pulling away. I looked at her lips, ''I missed your eyes.'' I paused, carressing my thumb over her cheek. ''I missed your voice.'' I stopped, tangling my fingers with her hair.

Bethanny smiled beginning to say something. I put a finger over her lips, cutting her off. ''I missed your cute little giggles.'' I said, of course, making her giggle lightly. ''And I missed those lips.'' I said, pulling her to me.

I could feel Bethanny smile as I pressed deeper. She pulled away, making me frown. ''Where's your mom? I miss her. And Scooter.''

I gestured my head behind the door. She smiled, getting off the couch. ''Oh my, what am I wearing?'' she asked confused. Of course she knew what was going on with her because she coulds still hear, but she might have missed some facts.

Bethanny opened the door, spotting my mom. ''PATTIE!'' she squealed, running up to hug my mom. ''Oh my God, you're awake! The doctor said it would at least take a week?!'' she yelled, hugging Bethanny tightly. ''I don't know. I was listening to Justin sing me a song, and then I just sort of started seeing blurry. I don't know, but I woke up.'' she said, hugging my mom once more.

Bethanny let go, walking over to Scooter. ''Thank you for letting me come. I'm so sorry for being so much trouble. I never meant for anything to happen. I didn't mean to distract Justin the way I have, and I'm sorry.'' Bethanny apologized.

Scooter shook his head in denial. ''No Bethanny. It's okay. I'm just glad to have you're back. Justin really uh...he really went crazy without you. I'd never seen that side of him before.'' he said, making me embarrassed. Bethanny hugged Scooter tightly. He chuckled, letting her go. She came back to me, pecking my lips.

''Let's get you changed and feed you. I bet you're starving.'' I suggested, walking her to the room. She waved goodbye to everybody else, giving them a sweet smile.

I closed the door behind us, feeling the bus go uphill. My back fell against the wall, as the bus pushed Bethanny on me. ''We're meant to be together.'' I said, sounding cheesy. She rolled her eyes. Her eyebrows joined together in confusion. ''I don't...I don't think I'm wearing a bra, or underwear.'' she said, blushing.

I wiggled my eyebrows up and down. ''Shut up Justin.'' she said, slapping my chest. She ran over to her suitcase that was sitting out, and grabbed some close, going to the bathroom to change.

When she got out, I saw her wearing one of my black v-necks and some shorts. I licked my lips, walking over to her. I placed my hand on her cheek, ready to smash my lips with hers. ''Nope. Let me eat first Justin.'' she teased, pushing me off of her. ''Oh, come on!'' I whined, running after her.

She rummaged through the food drawers, grabbing some bread and the peanut butter. I caught on to what she was making, and pulled out the jelly from the fride and a butter knife. ''Thank you.'' she said, spreading the peanut butter on the bread, added with the jelly. Once she'd finished, she burped a couple of times before making another sandwhich.

''You know, we can just stop for some real food. Not....this.'' I said, pointing at her junk food. ''I'm in love with peanut butter and jelly sandwhices. Plus, it's free.'' she argued, taking another bite of her sandwhich. I rolled my eyes. ''When are you going to remember that I'm Justin Bieber? I don't do cheap.'' I said.

She took the last bite, before drinking some more milk. ''Justin, let me eat.'' she smiled at me, batting her eyelashes. I sighed, plotting down on the bed. My neck rested on the header, as I kicked my shoes off, removing my shirt as well. She took her plate to the sink, and soon crawled beside me. ''So..what did I miss?'' she asked, snuggling on my chest. ''Nothing much. Alfredo came and apologized to me.'' I answered. ''I forgave him.'' I finished.

''Cool.'' she muttered. ''You're a living miracle. The doctor said you're immune system is like..boosted. It's higher than the average being.'' I said, changing the subject. ''Score.'' she said, giggling. I chuckled, playing with her hair. ''I missed you so much Bethanny.'' I said, breaking our silence.

I kissed her hair, as she ran her fingers up and down my abs. ''I missed you too Justin.'' she whispered softly
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