Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


33. I Love You❤

Chapter thirty ❤❤

''Don't sleep too late honey. Goodnight you two.'' my mom said, closing the door. It was all so surreal that Bethanny was awake again. It felt like I was without her for years. I didn't want that feeling again. I was going to protect her from the world. From her brother even if he's done nothing wrong. From her step dad. From Alfredo. And anything else.

''This night shall be forever remembered.'' I murmured into her hair. She giggled, raising her head up, beneath mine. ''Wow, I haven't kissed you in forever.'' Bethanny said, staring at my lips.

I licked my own, feeling her hot breath shudder against my lips. Bethanny bit her bottom lip, making her look even sexier, if possible. ''Come here.'' I mumbled, pulling her body on top of mine. She giggled, realizing she was straddling me, with her thighs on both side of my legs. I smirked, gripping onto her hips.

She pulled a strand of hair behind her ear, leaning closer to my lips. Bethanny's tiny, warm hands cupped my face, finally placing her lips onto mine. I smiled, trying to pull her closer to me. She caught on, and moved closer, finally up against my chest.

My hands clutched onto the shirt she was wearing. I felt like I was almost ripping my shirt. She played with my hair; something she always did. She knew it turned me on. I felt her fingertips seep down my back, feeling every muscle positioned on it. I groaned, as she clasped onto my arms, gripping onto the muscles on there.

I moved away from her lips; both of us gasping for breath. I placed my lips on her jawline, running my hand down the the hem of her shirt. I gently left butterfly kisses down her neck, sucking on certain spots. She moaned in my ear, coming to hush when I snaked my hands into her shirt. ''This is mine. I'll think we can get rid of it.'' I purred in her ear.

Bethanny giggled, taking the shirt off.

I don't know how I got so good at this. I was a virgin. I've never even been to a near sex position. My mom always told me to do it when I get married. Because that's what Christians do. But I feel like Bethanny is the girl I'm going to marry someday so it won't matter anyways. If I love her, then I'll marry her. If I marry her, we're going to have children. What's the point of keeping the v-card?

''Justin. What are you thinking about?'' Bethanny said, trying to zone me back in to earth. I shook out of my thoughts and just shook my head. ''Oh nothing. Just thinking how lucky I am to have you. That's all I can seem to think about these days.'' I excused. Half of it was true. That was all I thought about, but not was I was thinking right now.

Bethanny blushed to extremes, making me smile at her. My fingers traced all different patterns on her skin. It was soft. Almost silky. Bethanny laughed as my fingers played with her stomach.

''You know I'm ticklish.'' she whispered, as I kissed her neck repeatedly. ''I still haven't even found your weak spot yet. And how long have I known you?'' she said, trying hard not to laugh.

''You really don't know my weakness?'' I mumbled, nibbling on her ear gently. ''Mm-mm.'' she answered. I removed her off my lap, pinning her on the bed. ''When you pull on my hair...I like that. It's just..unf.'' I said, placing my lips on hers. Her smile grew wider. I could feel it. I smirked as she instinctively played with my hair.

I moaned against her mouth, feeling her tongue play with mine. She was amazing at this. My hand caressed her thigh, grabbing it roughly. Bethanny flipped us over so she was on top. ''Oh my God.'' she spoke as she straddled me. ''What?'' I asked, confused.

''I can feel Jerry.'' she said, giggling. I gulped, a little embarrassed. Alright, joking. Embarrassed as hell. ''It's okay. I kinda like it.'' she said, blushing. I smirked, grabbing her waist. She leaned down, kissing my neck like I did to her. Bethanny sucked on a spot lightly, making me let out a moan. My hands found their way to her shorts, making me feel ajar. The last time I tried to take them off, she wasn't ready.

Come to think of it, we both weren't. I glanced at the doorknob to check if it was locked, and it was. Bethanny and i were still kissing. She tugged on my pants, un-buckling my belt. She smoothly slipped it off, pulling my zipper down, only to expose my boxers.

I nodded, letting her pull my pants off completely. ''Your turn.'' I winked, seeing her blush. She shook her head in dissagreement. ''No. Your jeans were just bugging me.'' she argued, catching her breath.

''Bethanny.'' I whined, persing my lips. ''Well then...your shorts are bothering me. Allow me.'' I said, un-buttoning her shorts. She rolled her eyes, but still letting me take off the shorts. She stopped kissing me for a few seconds, worrying me. ''Your call.'' I mumbled, feeling butterflies for whatever was about to happen.

Bethanny nodded her head, smiling at me. ''I love you.'' she whispered startling me. I actually thought I'd be the first to say it but no. She was. ''And I'll prove it.'' she continued, making me grin with pearly whites


**Asdfghjkl; if you know what I mean(; Kay, now, 30 chapters c: But uhmm, don't worry, this story still has a looooooong trip c; Hope you're enjoying so far<3**
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