Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


15. I Like You.

Chapter thirteen :)

''So I have a game. I'm gonna be a shark and try to catch you. If I do, you tell me secret. If I don't catch you within five minutes, then I spill a secret. Deal?'' I told Bethanny, floating in the water.

She giggled quietly, and nodded. ''So I'll give you a ten second start. You'll need it.'' I said, winking playfully. Bethanny rolled her eyes and splashed me some water, that went in my mouth causing me to choke. ''Loser.'' she mumbled playfully, swimming away.

I went into my focused mode and counted ten seconds.

''NINE! TEN!'' I shouted, swimming after her. Bethanny went under water swimming to the other side of the pool. I ducked my head under and opened my eyes to spot her tiny body swaying to the bottom. She stopped and looked at me, placing her hands on her hips. When I smiled at her deviously, she moved to the surface and caught her breath.

I swam even faster, catching up to her. I reached for her waist but she pulled away quickly, teasing me. Bethanny was fast, and I hated to admit it. My head poked up for air anxiously. ''You're not gonna catch me.'' she teased, sticking her tongue out.

''You sure about that?'' I replied, finally done going easy on her. When Bethanny got to the three foot part of the pool she put her weight on the floor, walking slowly backwards. I went underwater because that was how I swam faster, and finally came in contact with her, snaking my arms aroung her waist so she wouldn't escape.

''AW SHOOT! I thought there was more space behind me.'' she muttered angered. I chuckled as she made a pouting face at me. ''Go ahead. I'm waiting.'' I told her, implying that I wanted to hear a secret. My arms let her go.

Bethanny sighed, wiping the hair out of her face. She swam a few inches away from me and started speak, floating into the deeper section. ''That night you hit me on the head,''

''By accident....'' I interrupted. She scoffed and continued. ''I told that that guy who thought you were hooking up with me that I wasn't a fan but... I actually really admire you.''

I grinned deeply, feeling a bombarding of fireworks ignite in my stomach. ''Really?'' I said, swimming closer to her. She nodded, biting her lip. I chuckled nervously, staring at her fluffy lips. ''Yeah. I knew you couldn't resist this.'' I joked, running a hand through my hair. Bethanny scoffed and rolled her eyes.

''Alright your turn!'' she yelled, grabbing a hold of me before I even got a chance to turn in the other direction. ''CHEATER!'' I shouted playfully.

''I'm sorry you're so slow.'' she said, laughing at me. ''Go ahead. I'm waiting.'' she said, mocking me. ''No. Because you mocked me. That hurt. Right here.'' I told her, pointing at my heart. ''Seriously Justin.'' Bethanny told me, slapping my hand away from my heart.

''Okay so um...'' I began, floating a little closer to her body, hearing the water ring in my ears. ''I think you're incredibly amazing. I've known you for so little, and you already feel like my best friend. You've got this amazing personality and you're so beautiful.'' I confessed, feeling heat rise up my cheeks. I looked at her and she was just smiling at me.

''What?'' I asked, feeling ajar. ''Nothing. You're just so sweet.'' she replied making me smile widely. When I realized how close my face was to hers, I began leaning in, feeling her hot breath hit my lips. I moved closer to her, as her back hit the wall of the pool. I stared at her lips and everything else seemed to dissapear.

When Bethanny moved her lips closer to mine, I smiled and finally placed my lips over hers. I landed my legs on the ground once I realized I didn't need to be floating at all. My hands cupped her face, as I deepened our kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face down, closer to hers, if possible. My hands let go of her face and lowered down to her waist, gripping onto her skin.

Bethanny let out a small moan when I decided to slide my tongue inside her mouth. She giggled and pulled away leaving me with wanting.

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