Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


49. I Don't Want This...

Chapter forty five 

''Baby, I'm tired.'' I lied to Selena, watching her light some candles at her house. ''But Justin? I haven't even gave you your present!'' Selena whined, stomping her foot. I shrugged, getting off the couch. Selena pushed me down, making me sit down roughly again. ''Stay.'' she purred, removing my tie. I sighed loudly, annoyed, but I had to play it off the right way.

''Would you help me?'' she asked, pointing to the zipper on her dress. I nodded as she turned her back to face me. I pulled the zipper down slowly, revealing her smooth back. I licked my lips, resisting the temptation of her body. ''Thank you.'' she whispered, letting the dress fall loose to her feet. Selena tiptoed out of it in her lacy white bra, and matching panties.

''Aren't you cold Selena? It's Winter.'' I asked, glancing at the clock which read eleven forty. Selena nodded her head, moving the dress out of her way. She sat on my lap, tugging on my shirt. ''I want this night to be special.'' she murmured, unbuttoning it. I bit my lip, feeling her kiss my neck up and down. ''Selena.'' I said, trying to push her off.

All she did was force herself onto me even more. ''I don't want to do this.'' I confessed, picking her up from my lap, and setting her beside me. ''But it's our anniversary, and you like it when I kiss your neck?'' she whimpered frowning. ''What's wrong with you? Was it that random fan who kissed you? What was going on?'' she asked, making me nervous.

''That wasn't a fan.'' I mumbled, clenching my jaw. Selena raised herself off the couch, wrapping a blanket around herself since I wouldn't be keeping her warm. ''Who was it Justin?''

I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck. ''Selena, it doesn't matter.'' I told her, trying to change the subject. I walked up, grabbing my tie, and heading out. I guess I'd done a good enough job of telling Selena I didn't want her. Alright, joking. Crappy job. ''I'm really sorry. I have to go.'' I said, seeing the clock tick eleven fifty three.

I opened the door, hearing Selena's soft voice crack. ''I-It was Bethanny, wasn't it?''

I gulped loudly, stopping my tracks. Turning around, I saw her face in tears knowing the real reason I didn't want her love. ''Go. Get out of here.'' she screamed, pointing out the door. I flinched; her loud voice startling my ears. ''Sele-''

''GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!'' she shouted, wiping her face with the blanket. I frowned, feeling water setting in my ears. She was my friend. It broke me to break her. ''Get out.'' she said, breathing hardly. ''You don't love me. You never have. Just get out.''

A tear fell down my cheek, as I watched her rub her eyes a thousand times. ''Don't cry.'' I begged, sitting in front of her. Selena looked away from me, looking at anything by my face. I reached my hand to turn her head, but she was already staring at me. ''Justin, just go.'' she whispered, sniffling.

I kissed her forehead, walking away.


''Where are you?'' I asked myself, thinking about Bethanny as I sat on a on a deserted bench in the middle the Brideport I'd told her to meet me at. My watch told me it was already twelve twenty two pm, but I refused to believe it. My knees shook uncontrollably, trying to keep myself warm in my coat.

I breathed into my hands, trying to heat them with my breath. I shoved them in my pockets, burying my face into the collar of my fuzzy coat. I started losing hope. Knowing Bethanny, there was a slight chance she would come. But that's how much I trusted her. I didn't think it would come to this, but she's already broken my heart twice. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look, you've got every right to be so mad at me for this supercallifragilisticexpialidocious 'tomorrow'. For the record, I learned how to pronounced that a few days ago and I'm using it everywhere ;D Anyway, enough about my English, I'm gonna be more active, don't worry!!! MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE STILL READING THE STORY<3 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MORE THEN PIZZA<3 ok. And again, IMMA HUGE SELENATOR, don't judge, lol k? Btwwww, AATW MUSIC VIDEO & COME AND GET IT ARE SO SUPERCALLIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS. NUFF SAID. OkIe, ByE!!!<3   Favorite, Like, Fan, Comment :3 Please :3
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