Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


9. I Can Explain...

''Who does she live with?'' Scooter asked startling me. I sighed, re-thinking our conversations earlier. When I'd remembered what Bethanny told me, I answered him. ''Her brother. Just her brother.'' I sighed, debating whether I should have told him about the armed robbery or not.

Scooter got out of the car and walked towards the front door as I trotted along behind him. Scooter was like my second dad. He had to get approval of anyone before anything was official. Then I could announce the news. But, nothing was official with Bethanny and I. Not yet.

''Hello?'' Bethanny spoke, looking down once the door opened. She didn't look up until I lifted her chin feeling warm water. She had been crying. When Scooter noticed he immediately suggested we'd come back another time. ''Go start the car, I needa talk with her.'' I demanded seeing Scooter nod and head off.

''What's wrong?'' I asked, closing the door for some privacy. Bethanny sniffled quietly, and shook her head, refusing to tell me anything. My jaw tightened and I felt angry.

''Bethanny..You don't just randomly cry after spending some time with Justin Bieber.'' I took her hand but she yanked it back making my stomach drop.

''Nothing. Just go away. Please.'' she whispered pushing me away with her tiny hands.''I'm not leaving until you tell me the truth. You know that.''

Bethanny sighed, pushing her shiny hair behind her ear, revealing her cheek. There was red mark, at least three inches big. It had small dark bruises around it and looked pretty fresh. I frowned deeply, feeling like it was my fault this happened. ''Did your brother do this?'' I asked her, running a hand through my hair, pulling it roughly.

She shook her head denying me, crying even more. I brushed her aside opening the door. ''NO! Justin, stop!'' Bethanny yelled, holding me back as much as she could. My anger defeated my actions and I did without thinking.

My eyes scanned the inside of her house, looking for a man which was her brother. How dare he lay one finger on Bethanny. Men can't hit women. I honestly don't know why it's not a law yet. And if it is, then it should be enforced to a greater extent.

''Justin, STOP!'' Bethanny yelled again. This time louder than before. I stopped my tracks and turned around to face her. My eyes met with hers. They were so lonely and sad and that was when I lost it. When I spotted Bethanny's brother in sight, he was sitting on the couch, watching the television like a sloth. It angered me to see him so calm after what he'd done.

''You think it's f-'' I began to say when I felt arms grasp me from behind. They were muscular and large and it was definitely not Bethanny. ''Scooter, what the hell!?'' I yelled being pulled out of the doorway.

''Just listen to her Justin. There's an explanation.'' He told me catching his breath. ''What? Did she fall exactly on her face or something?''

''My stepdad.''

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