Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


36. Hi... Selena...

Chapter thirty three ❤

''So you and Bethanny are going out while we're at the mall right?'' my mom asked. I nodded, confirming her question. ''Okay, call me later sweetie. Be careful. Seatbelts.'' she warned. I smiled, watching Scooter, Alfredo, Dan, and my mom walk out the door. ''So where are we going?'' Bethanny asked, playing with her hair as she looked through a mirror on the wall.

I walked up behind her, placing my arms around her waist from behind. I laid my chin on her shoulder, watching her. ''I'm taking you to the club if you don't mind babe.'' I answered, kissing her neck gently.

Bethanny's eyebrows joined together, signaling she was confused. ''Are you sure there are good clubs in Oklahoma?'' she asked, staring at me through the mirror. I nodded, licking my lips. ''I'm sure we'll find one Bethanny.''

She sighed, turning her neck to kiss me. I pecked her lips, pulling away. ''You get ready, and I'll get ready in Scooter's room. K? K.'' I demanded. ''No.'' she denied, pulling my face closer to her lips. I smirked, enjoying her touch. I gently licked her bottom lip, pleading to enter. Bethanny giggled, giving in to my permission. ''Beth..'' I moaned, stopping when Bethanny bit down on my lip. ''Anny. Bethanny.'' I whispered, pulling her roughly towards the room.

''Go get ready.'' I said, as she kissed my jawline. Once I saw we were in our room, I let her go. ''Now.'' I ordered, pecking her lips. She frowned, nodding her head. I chuckled letting her walk off. I went to Scooter's room and closed the door behind me, walking to the shower afterwards to wash up.


''Bethanny? Are you done?'' I asked, talking through the locked door. ''Almost!'' Bethanny replied, making me feel sensational butterflies. I bet she was going to look sexy. I bet that as soon as I saw her, I was going to drop de-

''Why are you staring at me? I feel practically naked. I'm gonna go change really quick.'' Bethanny said. I realized she had already opened the door, and I was just gazing at her like a weirdo. ''No, come back here.'' I said, grabbing her waist as she attempted to walk away. Bethanny giggled, turning around. ''You look perfect.'' I purred to her, staring up and down her body. Her shoes made her slightly taller than before, but I was still taller.

''Thank you.'' she said, blushing to extremes. Bethanny batted her eyelashes, revealing her well done make-up. ''You like glitter huh?'' I asked, chuckling. ''I love it.'' she replied, grabbing her small handbag. I turned around, looking at myself through the mirror on the wall. ''You don't look so bad.'' I heard a voice in my ear whispere seductivley.

I smirked, loving the feeling of Bethanny's breath hit my skin. ''Let's go.'' she purred, grabbing my hand. I gripped on it, soon letting go once we were driving to any club we found.


''The music is so loud!'' Bethanny shouted in my ear as we sat in the benches near the bar. I nodded, agreeing with her complaint, but that's how clubs were. All the different colored lights shined around the room, reflecting off the wall onto the people who were dancing away on the dance floor. There weren't any paparazzi thankfully. They aren't aloud in these places.

But there were allot of people who couldn't believe I was here, especially with a chick. I shook out of my thoughts, getting up from the bench seat. I walked over to the bar, seeing the girl behind the counter give me a few glares. ''Can I have two MaliDews, and four shots.'' I requested, smirking as I saw Bethanny in confusion. I didn't really drink often. On the occasions that I did, it wasn't much. I controlled myself.

The lady handed me a tray with our drinks. I set it down on the counter, motioning Bethanny to join me. She got up shyly smiling at a few people so they would move out of her way. One guy behind her, even checked her out. Inch by inch. I gritted my teeth, but relaxed when he'd looked away.

''No Justin. I don't know.'' Bethanny warned me, as I held up a shot. ''But, two can't hurt.'' she said, taking the tiny cup. ''One. Two. Three.'' I counted off, throwing my head back to swallow the drink. Bethanny did the same, shutting her eyes roughly. ''Wow.'' she said, coughing. I snickered, grabbing my MailDew. Bethanny grabbed hers as well, and we drank it for a while.

''Next shot. My count.'' Bethanny demanded, eager for it. I smirked, nodding. She threw three fingers in the air, slowly putting them down, one by one. We tilted our heads back, finally swallowing our shots. ''Two can't hurt.'' Bethanny mumbled, slowly raising the glass down.


''I think eight is enough.'' I told Bethanny, taking away the cup in her hand. She frowned, scratching her head. We heard the DJ begin to play 'Astronomia' on the speakers. I smirked, remembering this song from a party I went to for my Graduation. I looked at Bethanny who's eyes were closed, swaying her head side to side to the rhythm of the music.

''Let's dance.'' I said, getting up from my seat. Bethanny squealed, ''I thought you'd never ask.'' she said slurring her words. I chuckled at her state. Once we were on the floor, Bethanny was popping it like there was no tomorrow. The lights dimmed, coming to flashing strobe lights everywhere. The surface of the dance floor had a black light, making everyone who wore white, shine.

Bethanny's back was against my chest. I moved closer to her, letting her do most of the movement. I put my hands on her hips, as she threw her hands up in the air, moving uncontrollably. Her hips grind-ed on my body, making my erection grow. I bit my lip, enjoying her body.

Bethanny hummed to the the song, grinding even harder. I gripped onto her dress, feeling the cloth of it. Bethanny laughed of joy, filling my ears. She swayed her hips from side to side, slowly moving downwards until her knees were bent. She came back up in slow motion, still in perfect beat of the song.

I moved to the song, pushing myself on Bethanny if possible. She turned around, wrapping her arms around my neck. My grip on her hips tightened, as I licked my lips. Bethanny widened her eyes, looking at something behind me. I turned around seeing Selena. Yes. She just so happened to be in Oklahoma at the same exact club. What in the name of God was this? Who told her I was here?
I let my grip on Bethanny loose. ''Hey Justin.'' Selena greeted, smiling widely. I smiled in return, hugging her as she requested. ''This is Bethanny.'' I introduced, looking over at Bethanny who was dancing away. I sighed, pulling her by her waist. ''Hey Bethanny. Nice to meet you.'' Selena greeted, grinning.

''I'm his girlfriend.'' Bethanny blurted, making me smirk. She was more drunk than I'd thought. ''Yeah, this is my girlfriend.'' I assured, making sure Selena heard me right. Selena's smile slowly dissapeared as she heard me speak. It didn't show much, but I could tell. ''That's nice.'' she spoke, smiling.

I interrupted the awkward. ''Well, I'll see you around.'' I said, trying to get away. Bethanny hugged Selena tightly by surprise. ''You're very beautiful. I don't know why you and Justin weren't together.'' she said, confirming for real this time that she was drunk.

''Oh. That's cute.'' Selena said sarcastically, knowing Bethanny wouldn't tell the difference because she was drunk. ''I think you should leave.'' I said, not putting up with Selena's attitude. I mean, she was the best of all friends but when she got bitchy, which wasn't very often, it was the worst and I always tried to stop it.

Selena furrowed her eyebrows, walking away; her heels clamping against the dance floor.
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