Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


37. Fun Night with Bethanny.

Chapter thirty five ❤

''She's nice.'' Bethanny mumbled; her two words slurred. I nodded my head sarcastically, looking over at Selena. I gritted my teeth as I watched her go and sit down. I actually thought she was going to leave but she had some nerve to stay. I glared at Selena most of the time we were at the club. Hopefully she noticed that I wasn't happy with her. At all.

''Dance with me baby.'' Bethanny whispered in my ear after a few songs had ended. She kissed my earlobe, making me smirk. ''I am.'' I replied, pecking her lips. ''No you're not. You're staring at Selena. I'm not drunk. Look smell my breath.'' Bethanny said, breathing on me. ''Oh God Bethanny. I am dancing with you.'' I answered, smelling the reak of alcohol.

''Well then you're a very bad dancer.'' she insulted. I laughed, ''You're telling the Justin Bieber that he is a bad dancer? I'm sorry, were you dropped as an infant?'' I joked, seeing her dance to her own tune while the DJ got a break.

''I was, actually.'' she replied, getting serious. ''Into a pool of sexy!'' she said, attempting to run in her wedges to the other side of the floor as the music started after a few minutes. I laughed loudly, walking up to catch her. Bethanny giggled as I reached for her and she jerked away. ''You're gonna fall.'' I warned loudly over the music, smirking.

''No, I'm not going to f-'' she said stopping because she tripped on her own two feet. I raised my eyebrows, chuckling. ''Shush up, you.'' she hissed, crossing her arms.

''Aw, come on baby. Dance with me.'' I said, mimicking Bethanny on the last part of my sentence. She denied me. ''Please.'' I said loudly, grabbing her hand, and kissing it gently. I felt her arms loosen up, and soon give in to my demand. ''Dancy with daddy.'' I joked, making her smile, and with the end of that song, we decided to leave before my crew got back from the mall. They sure trusted me being alone with Bethanny.


''I'm so tired.'' Bethanny mumbled as we were driving back to the tour bus. I smirked, shifting my hands on the steering wheel. ''Hold on, were almost there.'' I assured her, noticing she was trying to go to sleep. As soon as I got to the bus, there was no sign of my mom or Scooter or anyone.

I sighed at Bethanny, who had fallen asleep anyways. Getting out of the car, I walked to her side, placing one hand around her waist, and one hand under her legs. Slowly lifting her fragile body, I walked us over to the bus, heading towards our room to lay Bethanny on the bed. ''Justin.'' Bethanny whispered startling me, as I covered her body with the sheets.

''Yeah babe.'' I replied, kissing her forehead.

''Je'taime.'' she continued, warming my heart. I smiled noticing she was sobering up. ''I love you too Bethanny.''

She smiled at me; her eyes still closed. ''More than anything.'' I murmered, laying down next to her.
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