Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


11. Don't You Trust Me?


''I feel bad about leaving her. She deserves a lot better.'' I muttered to Scooter, emphasizing 'a lot'. He narrowed his eyes to the rear view mirror, squinting slightly at the frame. ''Bethanny's stepfather came back. He's one of those abusive types and that's why Bethanny's cheek was hit. I mean, can't we do anything about it? We can't just-''

''SHH!'' Scooter yelled, raising his finger to my face. ''There's someone tailing us. Who is that?'' I turned my head around, and looked at the car which was not familiar to my sight. ''Go faster. Let's just get to the hotel.'' I told Scooter getting a little worried for our sake.

I pulled my hood that was connect to my sweater over my head to hide myself in disguise. I sank down in my seat, swallowing a large lump that was formed in my throat.

''What else do you think I'm doing? Driving to Disneyland?'' He sarcastically said, raising his tone. I rolled my eyes and turned back around feeling my heart accelerate. Why in the fuck was everything happening to me today?

''Scooter I have to tell you something.'' I bursted feeling my clammy hands. No Justin, You don't have to tell him. Scooter doesn't need to know, I thought to myself. Scooted raised his eyebrows signaling that he wanted to me to go on.

''Today...''I started feeling the car move to a faster speed, ''When I was with Bethanny we stopped by the art musuem where they have my painting and...'' I stopped feeling uncomfortable as I saw the car behind us make the same left turn we did, ''We got caught in the middle of an armed robbery but we got out.''

The car came to a sudden stop at a red light, yanking Scooter and I forward. The seatbelt pulled us both back, as Scooter widened his eyes and stared me down. His face was written of fury and he wanted to yell at me so bad. ''But Scooter, they didn't even see us.'' I said trying to lighten the mood but it failed.

''HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REMIND YOU HOW DANGEROUS IT IS FOR YOU OUT THERE WITHOUT KENNY OR ME?!'' He yelled in my face, making me flinch. The red light turned to green making Scooter press the gas pedal.

''To hell with it. I'm done with you kid. You won't listen. You label yourself as a responsible man, ready to be on his own. 'You think it's easy not being able to go out normally like a regular kid?'. '' Scooter mocked, making a higher pitched voice for his imitation of myself.

''SCOOTER! Just be thankful we're safe! You always look at the bad things and you never care to give a shi-'' I paused, feeling the urge to finish my word,'' You never care to think about the good things. You can't even ask me how I got out? You're not even curious if we were shot? All you wanna do is remind me that I was stupid and irresponsible and I'm still childish? All you wanna do is tell me I'm not ready for the world? Put me down? Is that all you know how to do!?'' I yelled, making Scooter gulp loudly.

We weren't at the hotel yet, but the car seemed to have stop following us. Maybe it was never following us in the first place. We were just being some paranoid babies.

''I-I'm sor-''

''Save it. I don't want to hear anything.'' I mumbled.

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