Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


19. Busy, Busy Day.

Chapter sixteen ❤

''Justin get up.'' I heard a soft voice whisper in my ear. I ignored it, flipping my pillow to the cold side. ''Get up lazy.'' I heard again in a normal voice. I felt a hand slap my butt. I jerked up, rubbing my eyes to adjust to the sunlight. ''What is it?'' I groaned still mostly asleep. I let my feet fall down to the ground as I attempted to stay sitting up.

''You have interviews today Justin.'' I heard realizing it was Bethanny standing in front of me. I smiled, remembering the great news. She was coming on the Believe tour with us and I could have her all to myself for the rest of the year and more.

''Good morning Bethanny.'' I whispered softly, pulling her hips towards me. ''Good morning Justin.'' she greeted back, sitting in my lap, finding her arms around my neck. I kissed her lips, feeling jolts through my body. ''Mmm.'' I mumbled, hearing that my voice was groggy.

''I love your voice in the morning.'' she said, blushing completely. I cleared my throat just to tease her because she was always cute when she got angry. ''How 'bout now?'' I said, in a normal voice.

Bethanny groaned and got off my lap. ''Get ready.'' she ordered, messing up my hair more than it already was. I chuckled finally going to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and take another shower apart from the one I took last night after Bethanny.

Since this was the last day we'd stay in a hotel, everyone was ordered to pack their cases and load them into the trunks. Once I was done, we packed everything up and loaded it, driving off to my interviews.


''So Justin. How are you doing with your Believe tour? I know it's already in the top twenty on Itunes.'' Ellen asked trying to wrap up the show. The audience cheered making me smile at them.

''Um, it's going really great. I'm so excited to be doing this tour because I worked really hard on the album. I have a lot of special people that will be joining me and I mean, I just hope it's a blessing to everyone.'' I answered shifting my legs into a different position.

''That's great. Well, I want to encourage all of you to buy this album. I've listened to it at least five times already and it's great. You'll love it. Thanks for coming out today.'' Ellen said facing the camera. I waved at everyone, hugged Ellen, and went backstage to head out to my next interview.


''I hear your album is already in the top twenty! That's awesome!'' Jimmy shouted, requesting a high five. I accepted and answered. ''Haha, yeah. I'm very honored to have very supporting Beliebers. I know that I wouldn't be anywhere without them and I want to thank all of you who have listened to it.''

The crowd applauded cheering as they did so. ''And will Selena be joining you on the tour? There's alot of talk about you and her...you know?'' Jimmy said, raising his eyebrows up and down. I chuckled nervously. Everybody always thought Selena and I were a couple. I mean, sure we go out but as friends.

''Selena's great. I'm not sure she'll show up at the tour but um... yeah, there are others to look forward to.'' I said glancing back to see Bethanny talking with Alfredo. He was mouthing something I couldn't make out and Bethanny was just laughing at him. I swear they were literally inches away from eachother. Chill out Justin, I thought to myself, turning back around.

''Well, ladies and gentlemen. JUSTIN BIEBER!'' Jimmy shouted as I heard music start playing meaning it was the end of the show. Luckily, this was my last interview. I'd already done three. I shook hands with Jimmy and finally exited the premises.
*****So... I just realized I can't put ANYTHING in bold/italic on my iPad D: Sooo.... My little noties at the end of chapters will start with these ¢υтє 5 stars at the beginning(*****<--these) teeheehee c: I love you c: bye c:*****
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