Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


25. Bethanny..??

 Chapter twenty two

''So, where are we headed to now?'' Bethanny asked in a whisper tone as we lay in bed, trying to go to sleep. I checked my phone, clicking on my calender. I saw a blank spot for tomorrow, and then the next day we were on the road to Florida. ''Tomorrow is a free day so we can do whatever we want.'' I answered, pecking her soft nose. ''And then the next day we have to head on the road to Florida.''

She nodded her head, with a little excited expression on her face. ''I've never been so tired. Now I know how you feel. It's amazing what you do Justin. It really is.'' she whispered as her hot breath hit my lips, sending tingles down my spine. I smiled deeply, kissing her lips.

Bethanny pressed back, just getting into it when I felt something vibrate against my thigh. My eyebrows joined together as I pulled away. ''My phone.'' she guessed, reaching for her bag that was inbetween us.

She clicked opened the call, and answered. ''Hello?'' I watched her struggle to make out who it was. ''Who is it?'' I mouthed. She shrugged her shoulders, running a hand through her hair. ''Um, may I ask who is calling?'' she asked.

Once she got a reply, she jerked the phone away from her ear, letting it fall to the bed all dramatically. That's what it seemed like. I picked up the phone, placing it to my ear. ''Who is this?'' I asked.

''I'm going to find Bethanny. And I'm going to bring her back.'' I heard a husky voice speak on the other end. I ended the call, feeling slightly ajar. ''Bethanny, who was that?'' I asked, trying to snap her back into reality. ''Bethanny!'' I yelled, still not getting her response. ''I-I..Justin I don't feel good.'' she spoke; her lips quivering.

I grabbed her by her arms, shaking her gently. ''What's wrong?'' I asked getting worried. ''Mom! Scooter! Come here!'' I yelled, seeing Bethanny's eyes get droopy. ''Talk to me baby.'' I whisipered, pulling her into a hug. Her face almost looked as if she'd seen a ghost. It was pale and white. A different shade from the rest of her skin.

''Grab...my purse.'' she said weakily, pointing at her bag. I grabbed it, still holding on to her. She dug into the purse softly, trying to hold up.

''Honey! What's wrong!?'' My mom shouted barging in. ''I don't know! Something's wrong with Bethanny. She just got all pale and cold.''

After seeing Bethanny take so long to find whatever she was looking for, I moved her hand and stuck mine inside her bag. I grabbed a bottle of pills, reading the label.

''Take two as directed...every twelve hours for nasua and lack of eyesight.. what? What is this?'' I read confused as hell. I opened the cap, popping two pills in her mouth. Bethanny struggled to swallow but managed. All we could do now was wait.

''What are these for?''I asked a few minutes later. Bethanny still wasn't talking. She was just breathing slowly, staring off at nothing. ''Justin, move. I took a medical class in high school. I don't remember any of the symptoms occuring in a person all at once.'' Scooter said, pushing me away from Bethanny. My heart dropped to my stomach.

He opened her eyelids, observing her pupils. She was just motionless. Scooter grabbed her wrist, trying to feel her pulse. ''Man she's getting cold.'' he mumbled, scratching his head. ''Shit, I think she's going into Anaphylaxis shock. Grab the phone and dial the ambulance.'' Scooter ordered. My eyes began to sting with water as I fialed nine one one.

My mom grabbed the phone, holding it up to her ear. ''What the hell is Ana-whatever shock?'' I asked, practically shouting. ''It's u-um when a person has a severe, rapid pulse rate. Often causes to breathless airways, blocking her lungs. This sort of thing isn't common but it happens.''

''Um, my son's girlfriend is having trouble breathing and she's getting really cold. We nee...NO, DON'T PUT ME ON HOLD!'' my mom yelled. ''Yes, u-um we're at 329 Meadow street. Please, come quick.'' My mom begged. I grabbed Bethanny's hand, squeezing it tightly. ''Hold on baby.'' I whispered.

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