Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


24. Bad, Good, Bad.

Chapter twenty one ❤

''Look. Come over here. I want to show you something.'' Alfredo ordered to Bethanny. Her nose wrinkled in confusion saying something back, ''But I have to go back. Justin's waiting for me. He's gonna think I was doi-''

''Shh. Just come here.'' Alfredo insisted, taking advantage of Bethanny all washed up. ''I shouldn't.'' Bethanny murmured knowing her limits. ''Would you just come here.'' Alfredo said, practically dragging her along behind the booth. ''No. I can't.'' she argued, slurring her words. I wanted to go over there and go off on Alfredo. Just completely knock the living shit out of him.

But I couldn't. Call me a pussy but I couldn't do that. Oh, fuck it. God forgives. I don't. I ran to the booth, sneaking behind to the back. ''You're mighty fine.'' Alfredo muttered. ''Justin's gonna find you and he's gonna know what you're up to.'' Bethanny hissed, regaining some conscience.

''You're little boyfriend isn't here right now is he?'' Alfredo shot back. ''It's just you...and me...alone.'' He creeped his hands down Bethanny's thighs, soothing them consistently. ''Stop!'' she yelled. I jumped out when I knew Alfredo wasn't going to stop. I was a little shocked. Actually, shocked as fuck. I never thought he'd be that kind of guy to steal my girl.

He always said he liked Selena so why didn't he just go after her? ''Let her go Alfredo.'' I roared in a deep voice. Alfredo yanked away from Bethanny, letting her sprint towards me. ''What the hell do you think you're doing?'' I spat, trying to hold myself back. ''Nothing.'' he muttered, attempting to walk away without punishment.

''Don't walk away from me.'' I said raising my voice.

''What are you gonna do Bieber? You think you can get any girl you want? Cause you're so hot? Please. Bethanny was just getting into it. Weren't you babe?'' he said, smirking at Bethanny.

''Don't call her that.'' I said, taking a step towards him. His breath reeked of alcohol which meant he was drunk. It's kind of hard to be mad at someone who has no idea what they're doing when all their actions are controlled by alcohol. Quite hard. ''Fine fine. I'll back out. You better watch her though.'' he said, slurring his words as well.

I clenched my jaw, still wanting to stick him in the face. ''You're a prick. Get over yourself.'' I spat, taking Bethanny's hand and walking out. She clutched onto my shirt, shaking all over. When we had left Alfredo back there, and gotten back to the stage, I finished the concert and headed back to the tour bus.

Bethanny was quiet the rest of the night, just as I was planning on enjoying myself with her at the carnival. ''Hey..It's okay Bethanny. I got you.'' I whispered, sitting down on the bed. She sniffled softly, hugging me tightly. ''I'm not going to let him anywhere near you.''

''Promise?'' she whispered softly. I smiled, kissing her hair. ''Promise. Now, Come on. I'm hungry and I'm going to Burger King with or without you. No, I'm just kidding. I need you to come with me.'' I joked, making her giggled loudly. I smiled, seeing her eyes brighten. She grabbed her bag and trotted along behind me.

''Mom! Scooter! I'm going to grab some food. Be right back.'' I shouted, going to the car. I injected my key into the ignition turning it sideways until I heard the engine start.


''Justin. I think you're trying to make me fat.'' Bethanny mumbled popping a french fry in her mouth. I munched on an onion ring, finishing up my meal in our room. ''Shush up. You're beautiful.'' I said, leaning over to kiss her lips. She giggled, pulling away. ''You taste like onion sicko.''

I rolled my eyes, chuckling at her. ''I'm sorry. I just love food. But I love you more. You're tastier.'' I said, seeing her cheeks fill with blush. ''Shut up weirdo. I do not taste like anything.''

''Yes you do. You always taste like strawberry. Well, your lips do. I haven't gotten a taste of anything else yet.'' I winked, feeling ajar. ''Oh my God, just be quiet. You're mom's gonna hear you!'' she whispered.

''Don't talk about my mom.'' I said, getting serious but only in a playfully way. I laughed at her expression change from bossy to serious. ''I'm just kidding. Come here.'' I said, throwing my trash away. I pulled her waist to me, kissing her neck gently. She giggled, which I'm guessing is because my lips tickled her.

I trapped her in between the wall and my body. Her hands wrapped around my neck, playing with my ends. ''Your hair is so soft.'' She whispered in my ear. Her breath lingering on my skin. I licked my lips, grabbing her thighs, and pulling her up to a counter nearby. Her height was a little taller than mine, but I didn't mind. Bethanny leaned her face down, grabbing my cheeks as she smashed her lips with mine.

I slithered my tongue in her mouth without asking. She gasped, running a hand through her hair. I pulled her off the counter, not breaking the kiss, and set her down gently on the bed. We felt the bus start to move after a long time at stop. It yanked me down, falling on top of her. My knuckles supporting my weight. She giggled, as I stared at her beautiful face.

She was mine. All mine. ''You're beautiful.'' I whispered, still looking at her. ''I don't talk to liars.'' she joked, breathing heavily. I rolled my eyes, leaning my lips closer to hers. ''Do you kiss them?'' I asked seductively. ''Yes.'' Bethanny purred, placing her lips on mine. I flipped her tiny body so she was on top of me, letting myself fall on the bed.

She unbuttoned her lace shirt, revealing an undershirt underneath. I frowned, thinking she was going to surprise me. My fingers tugged on the bottom of her tank top, telling her I wanted it off. She leaned down, kissing me passionately. I guess she wanted me to do all the work. I slowly lifted her shirt up, exposing her tan skin. She raised her arms, letting me slide the top off completely.

My fingers traced the curves of her waist. Before going further, I let Bethanny pull off my shirt as well. She giggled, running another hand through her hair. ''I don't want us to make out with my hair.'' I chuckled, tugging on her shorts. She placed her hand on top of mine, telling me to stop. Well, physically.

''I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-''

''Justin. It's okay. You didn't do anything wrong. It's just me.'' she said, rolling off of me. I guess I sort of understood her. She was afraid to let anyone close to her. She didn't want to get hurt. ''I just don't want...'' she paused, sighing. I stared at her, not being able to take my eyes off her lips. ''You don't want to rush things. I get it.'' I finished for her.

She smiled kindly at me, pecking my lips before putting her shirt back on.


**Sorry this chapter was kinda long, I just have too many ideas :p Anyways, only one chapter today(; Only(; No more(; Welll... One more chapter won't- No. Only one! Kay, enjoyyy<3 Love you<3 Bye<3**
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