Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


39. Baby Girl?...

Chapter thirty seven ❤

''You need to calm down bro.'' Alfredo blurted, stepping into the argument. I thought quickly, slowly backing out. I jogged back towards the bus, going straight to Bethanny. She was still asleep, probably tired from last night. ''Bethanny, you need to wake up.'' I whispered, shaking her roughly. Her eyes fluttered open, revealing the bags under her eyes.

''No.'' she groaned. ''We need to leave!'' I said, raising my voice. Bethanny finally opened her eyes, sitting up straight. ''Justin, what's wrong!?'' she asked, scratching her head. I watched her yawn, still no clue of what and who was out there. ''I need to get you out of here.''

''What's happening Justin?'' she asked once more, finally awake. I sighed, grabbing her suitcase. ''Justin.'' she whispered, putting a hand on my arm. ''Your stepdad is here. He's looking for you and I need to get you away from here. I need you to be safe. You're mine.'' I said, seeing her facial expression change.

Her lips quivered in fear. ''Bethanny. It's okay. I'm here. I'm not letting him anywhere near you. I promise. Now we have to leave right now. They're not going to be able to keep him out for long.'' I said, pulling her along with me.

''Mom, come with us. I don't want you alone with them.'' I suggested. My mom agreed, and grabbed her purse, following me. I snuck out through the back, making my way towards the car that I had luckily parked behind the bus.

Letting Bethanny and my mom crawl inside, I stuck the key into the ignition, turning it until I heard the motor roar. The only problem was, the motor didn't even start. ''Aw, shit. Not now.'' I mumbled quietly, checking my rearview mirror for Bethanny's stepdad. ''Justin, get me out of here.'' Bethanny yelled, letting her tears fall loose to the ground.

''I'm trying!'' I yelled, turning the key once more. ''This piece of junk wont start.'' I hissed, speeding out the car. I opened the hood, checking the motor for any problems. It was perfectly fine, and just seemed like it didn't want to start for some reason.

I shook my leg repeatedly, uncertain of what I could do. I looked through the surface mirror, spotting Bethanny. ''Behind you!'' she screamed, pointing behind me. My heart dropped to my stomach, as I turned around. I saw Bethanny's stepdad, coming towards me. ''Lock the doors.'' I demanded, blocking his way to the car.

''You need to leave kid. She's my daughter.'' he growled.

''Step-daughter granps.'' I corrected, rolling my hands into tight fists. ''I'm warning you.'' He hissed, taking a step towards me. I ignored him, looking him dead in the eye. He wasn't going to fight me was he? I mean, all I'm trying to do is protect Bethanny from this asshole. That's all I'm do-

''Shit!'' I muttered, feeling the pain in my jaw. Bethanny's stepdad locked his fist, throwing a punch towards me. ''I told you not to get in the way.'' he snickered, feeling sorry for me. I placed my hand over my jaw, feeling it ache. He walked over to the door, attempting to open it. I walked up behind him, locking my arm under his neck. I pulled him away, throwing him to the ground.

He quickly got up, tackling me against the car. I swear, I thought my back had broken the window. I coughed, feeling my breathing uneasy. He gave me a strike to my ribs, making me yelp in pain. I groaned loudly, falling to the ground. ''You don't touch me.'' he said, out of breath.

I gritted my teeth, finding the strength to get back up. ''You just don't listen do you kid?'' he said, almost laughing at me.

''You're not going near Bethanny.'' I responded, letting my hand go of the side of my ribs. I slowly let out a few short breaths, trying to regain my lost strength. ''So you two have become close I see.'' he arrogantly told me. I brushed him off, getting in between the car and his body. ''I already told you. You're making this even harder than need be.'' he warned me.

''Get..'' I spat, pausing as I took a step towards him, making him back away. ''Away.'' I finished, staring at him. He swung his fist in the air right after I'd ducked beneath his strike. I grabbed him, shoving him to the dirt. It was hard work for someone my size, proving I needed to work out more, but I managed.

He surprisingly acted fast, getting up on his two feet, throwing his punch under my chin. My head tilted back, as I groaned in pain shutting my eyes. ''Stop it!'' I heard loudly behind me. I opened my eyes and saw Bethanny, standing in front of me. I pushed her out of the way. ''Go away.'' I ordered, feeling a tear trickle down my bleeding skin. Bethanny shook her head, staring at her stepdad. My vision became blurry, causing me to fall to my knees, grabbing my ribs in pain.

''I missed you baby girl.'' her stepdad said.
Reminds me of how ALAYLM video ends :'( Aww poor Justin :'( You guys heard bout what the paparazzi did to him on his birthday?! I swear they're so selfish sometimes!!
Anyways, gonna post the next chapter now ;3

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