Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


16. Are We Together?

Chapter fourteen :)

I leaned in for the second time, trying to fulfill my urge to kiss her beautiful lips. I closed my eyes once I saw her eyelids shut as well. Our lips were made for each other. They fit together perfectly like puzzles.

I pulled her body closer, feeling her cold skin brush against mine. I placed my hand on her cheek by accident as an instinct. ''O-Ow.'' Bethanny whimpered breaking the kiss. I removed my hand away from her skin, remembering that her stepdad had bruised her cheek.

''I'm sorry Bethanny. I just.. forgot.'' I excused looking at her cheek. ''You still look beautiful.'' I complimented because I saw her frown slightly. She giggled, converting the frown into a smile which showed her pearly whites. ''Thanks.'' Bethanny whispered swimming towards the steps of the pool. She walked up and got out, grabbing the towel I had brought with me and wrapped it around her shoulders letting it fall behind her body.

I frowned as the towel covered almost her entire body. ''Are you cold?'' I asked, getting out of the water as well. Bethanny nodded, pulling the towel closer to her.

I walked over to the patio chair she had sat down on. Sitting down behind her, I pulled her body towards mine letting her back lay on my chest. I removed the towel, from her back and spread it across her entire body. After, I wrapped my arms around hers, gently tangling my fingers with hers.

I saw Bethanny smile, blushing a rosy color. I chuckled, leaving a trail of feather-like kissed on her shoulder, moving slowly up her neck. She giggled quietly, turning her head to my direction, shifting her body so it was facing mine. She laid her head on my chest, letting the towel fall loose to the ground signaling she wasn't cold anymore.

''So what does this mean Justin?'' she asked, startling me. ''What does what mean?'' I replied, kissing her hair. Bethanny sighed, obviously struggling to finish explaining.

''Are we...'' she said, trailing off. I finally caught on. She wanted to know if she was my girlfriend. If we were in a relationship now. I mentally slapped myself at my stupidity. ''Are we still friends or.... Well, It's because, I don't want to get inbetween your career. I love what you do and I really look up to you, but I don't want to ruin it for you. I don't want you to drag me around like a little puppy.'' she continued, yanking me out of my thoughts.

''Maybe I want you to come with me.'' I said staring into her dark green orbs. ''Y-You want me to go with you? On tour?'' she repeated, probably making sure she heard me right.

I nodded, smiling at her widely. She squeled and hugged me tightly, letting all her wait fall on top of me. ''Ouch.'' I grunted quietly, as her knee accidently hit my area. I chuckled, trying to hide and endure the pain all at once.

''Are you sure it's okay with everyone? Scooter and them?'' Bethanny asked concerned. ''Of course.'' I assured her, thinking of Scooter's future reaction to all of this. Bethanny laid back down on my chest, placing her tiny hands on on my stomach. We were quiet for at least a few minutes before any of us spoke.

I realized that I'd never answered her question. The one where she wanted to know if we were together. Officially, and finally together. Maybe I could wait a little longer to ask her. I mean, sure I wanted to get right to the point, but I didn't want to rush things. What am I saying. That makes no sense at all. I'll just ask her when I'm ready.


5 MORE VIEWS TILL 200!!!! ;D OMG yayyyy!!! i'm so hyper... anyways, I'mma post anew chapter.. NOW!! Bye, <3

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