Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


2. A Good Start.

Bethanny sat next to me in the car. Everyone was squished together, and there was barely any room to breathe. ''Hold up, we still got Fredo!'' Scooter yelled, warning us to make room for Alfredo. ''There's no more space Scooter.'' I shot back.

''Make room Bieber.'' He ordered sending me a glare. I looked to my right, and it was Usher. I wasn't fixing to sit on top of him, so I looked to my left, and there was Elizabeth Ann. God, she was perfect. Her head leaning on the window, slowly breathing up and down, clueless that she was going to sit on my lap. I smiled widely and caught her attention. She had been aware of the situation, but had no idea she would be the one on my lap. Bethanny stared at me, trying to figure out my look. Once she caught on, she shook her head in dissagreement. ''No no no.'' was all she spoke.

I grabbed her tiny hips, pulling her on top of my lap. She was light and could be carried easily. I scooted over to the tip, making room for Alfredo. She groaned in discomfort. I placed my hands on her waist, noticing the ends of her lips creasing into a smile.

I grinned widely, feeling the heat of her legs radiate onto mine. Bethanny was really tense and sat straight, but once the car was on the move she loosened up and laid her back on my chest. I didn't let go of my grip, and she didn't bother to take my hands off either. Next thing I knew, Bethanny was asking my permission to exit my grip once we were at her place. I laughed nervously, letting her go.

''Thanks for the ride guys.'' Bethanny spoke softly. Everyone muttered light 'Your welcome' 's and whatnot.

''Thanks for numbing my legs.'' I joked chuckling. ''Thanks for not taking your hands off me the whole ride. It was really considerate of you.'' She argued back, smiling. I felt heat rise up my cheeks as everyone laughed at me. ''BURN!'' Alfredo yelled.

''He's finna blush!'' Usher said, knowing me too well. I punched his arm in disagrement, watching Bethanny leave. I secretly thought to myself, ''Now I know where you live. I can visit you any time.''

Bethanny walked closer to her house, waving at everybody, smiling at me. I waved through the window, wishing she had never left. I had this feeling of wanting. I wanted to get to know Bethanny. She seemed like a down to earth chick, not too clingy, not too interested. Actually, she didn't seem interested in me at all. I gulped in worry that Bethanny didn't even think of me like that. I leaned my head back, as we made our way to our hotel.


I hit my alarm clock which read for nine thirty am. I grabbed my keys, and my wallet and headed out the hotel doors. Successfully sneaking out the room, I got caught at the entrance of the building. ''Bieber, where do you think you're going?'' I heard making me flinch slightly. I turned around and spotted Alfredo who was coming out of the lobby. I stammered over my words but finally let out an excuse. ''I-I'm going to..get some breakfast. Okay? Bye!'' I yelled out to Alfredo not letting him hold me back. I got in my car a drove off to my destination. To, Bethanny's house.

As I impatiently rang the doorbell, I heard someone rummaging from the other side. Then at last, I saw that beautiful face I'd seen last night. Bethanny's nose scrunched in pain as she rubbed her head. She must have been sleeping but she still looked beautiful. No. Justin, snap out of it. Selena's right by your side all day everyday. ''I got it!'' Bethanny yelled to someone who had asked a question.

''Hey. What are you doing here?'' She asked, her sweet voice ringing in my ears. ''I felt like checking up on you.'' I said, shrugging my shoulders. She smiled lightly and stepped outside, closing the door. ''Well, I think I'm fine. How does it look?'' She asked, pointing at her forehead. I observed it, as I stood centimeters away from her face. I looked down at her lips, and licked my own, then looked back. She giggled nervously and stepped back crossing her arms.

''I did a pretty good job?'' I joked, making her scoff. ''I'd like to see you enduring this pain.'' She shot back flipping the bangs out of her face. I smirked and spoke to her. ''Do you wanna go out to eat something?'' I asked, remembering that today I had nothing to do. She bit her lip and and looked down. Her cheeks filled with rosy pink patches considered as blushing. I grinned, seeing her smile that lit up my mood. ''Let me get cleaned up. Just, wait out here. I don't want my brother to ask questions.'' She ordered.

I sat down waiting for about ten minutes, just checking around on Twitter and Itunes. ''Ready?'' I heard beside me. I chuckled quietly and looked up at her. She was wearing a casual shirt with shorts. She honestly looked gorgeous in anything. Even with a bruise on her forehead. ''Been ready slow poke.'' I joked, tickling her slightly. She let out a whimper but soon turned into a giggle. ''Let's go.'' Bethanny ordered, pushing me towards my car.


Awww thank you for the comments<3 I'm not replying to all of them because I truly wanna know how many comments will I have later on.. Anyways, I will read them, don't worry. Sorry the past two chapters were super tall, I just have too many ideas!? K. Bye. Love ya<3

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