The Wedding

Melody Thompson is an average 19 year-old getting forced to marry the 20 year-old Niall Horan , her mom made them get married for this business contract with Niall's father , at first , they don't really like eachother , but then , they start to develop more and more feelings towards eachother , how would The Management react to this situation ? would they accept or deny it? Read more to find out


2. 2


Once we arrived home , I went straight to my room and took a shower , and dried my hair , I wore the beautiful beige dress I picked out earlier and done my makeup , and I also straightened my hair.


"Oh hello Niall , she's coming , she's just fixing herself , you know , typical girl stuff" I heard mother say downstairs

I walked downstairs ready to see Niall , when I finally arrived downstairs , I saw a beautiful faced blond with blue sparkling eyes and a smile that can make a dead person come to life , he was wearing a black tux.

"I assume your Niall" I said looking at my heels , "Yeah , and your Melody?" He asked with a thick Irish accent showing and reaching his hand for me to put it in , I reached my hand out as he signaled and his soft lips touched them , he gave me goosebumps

"Shall we go?" I said 

"Yup , come on , I'm starving already!" He said patting his stomach


*A.N* Sorry that was short , I'm just really tired :O Bye <3 Thanks for reading <3 :*

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