The Wedding

Melody Thompson is an average 19 year-old getting forced to marry the 20 year-old Niall Horan , her mom made them get married for this business contract with Niall's father , at first , they don't really like eachother , but then , they start to develop more and more feelings towards eachother , how would The Management react to this situation ? would they accept or deny it? Read more to find out


1. 1

"Don't you think this dress looks nice Melody?" "Melody?" "Melody?! focus with me!" Mother shouted snapping me out of my thoughts

We were going shopping for a dress that I'm going to wear on my date

The date I'm having with a guy I'm getting married to , who I don't even know , and my Mother chose him for me , I asked her why , because I always believed that Love is why you get married , but my Mother said it was because of business , The guy's father is holding a company , and my Mom wants to buy it but his father made this business deal and I ended up having to marry this guy , I've never met him nor saw him before

"Mother ? can I pick what I want to wear for once?" I asked ,"Fine , I'll be in the car" She said escorting herself

I started to scan through multiple dresses , until I found a beautiful short beige one with quite a lot of sequins , I took it and walked over to the cashier

"Hello , would you like to buy this madam?" The lady asked me , "Yes thank you , how much is it?" I questioned getting out my wallet , "500" She said , "Alright" I replied , we where a rich family , so that wasn't very expensive for me.

I got the dress and walked out , I saw my mother talking on her phone inside the car

"Yes , that's fine with us , when? 5 pm? alright , we're heading home now anyways , goodbye" She said hanging up , "Who was that?" I asked , "Oh , it was Niall's father" She said fixing her makeup while looking at the mirror , "Wait , who's Niall?" I said with a confused look on my face , "Its the young man your getting married to Melody , you don't even know his name?" She told , "Anyway , what did he say?" I said sighing , "Your date has been postponed from 8 to 5" She said casually , "Well , its 2 30 now , so lets go home , we have a lot to do" I said and with that , she drove away


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