Savannah is just a regular girl until the night she is taken by strangers that she soon realized weren't your average people.


4. She loves you

Jeremiahs P.O.V  I made it to the park and started to look for her since my phone died.i was walking on the sidewalk when i saw a gu touch savannah and her say something then a guy  hit her then pick her up and take her away."hey put her down!!"i screamed but they kept running.I was runing after them until they got into the car and drove away.I was running after the car till it drove down the highway great.i was running to the park toward the phone booth when i steped on something.It was savannahs phone.i picked it up and the case fell of. I picked it up when i saw somthoing written on it .savannnah wrote a note.i read it


Dear Jeremiah,

         Hey i just wanted to tell you something.I love you.i know that you dont feel the same way but i needed to tell you.I needed to because while you were at camp we found out i had cancer and i probably wont live long by the looks of i just wanted this to kinda be a suprise goodbye for when surgery comes which is on 12-13-12 the sunday after your camp.Ill miss you lts forever and forever.Ill rremember you also you couldnt.♥savannah

I was crying how come she didnt tell me.I love her too i always have.she has cancer too and she is supposed to have sugery i dropped the note it was tomorrow but those bastards have her.I was walking to the phone booth across the streets once the light turned red.then i heard tires screeching then everything went black.

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