Savannah is just a regular girl until the night she is taken by strangers that she soon realized weren't your average people.


3. Raped

I woke up on a bed in someones has red walls,white carpet,and some shelves and the bed i was on.I was looking around the room when i heard people talking in the other room.The door unlocked and a guy with brown hair in the bieber style big brown eyes walked in.It was creppy because we looked exactly alike but i had braces."Hello"he said."hi"i said back he seemed nice.he closed the door and locked it back.then he came and sat at the edge of the bed,"im liam"he said sweetly."savannah"i replyed."well i just wanted to say im sorry but louis and zayn kinda you know took you"he said."why?"i asked but before he could awenser louis walked in."well i saw you and thought its mine so i took you"he said simply."thats why but me niall and harry are going to the store so you be here with zayn and louis"and with that he walkes out and zayn came in shout rhe door and locked it back.

louis came over to me along with zayn.i just sat ther and stared at my shoes.I was looking at my shoes when i  saw a pair of hands slide them off my feet.i looked up confused and saw louis holding my shoes and sit them on the bed. "hey savannah"zayn said creepidly."I dont like that shirt on you!"louis said as he reached over and grabbed the ends of my shirt.i tried tohit him but zayn held me down while louis unzippes the side of my shirt and takes it off.Zayn grabbed my hands and jerked me up as louis came over and unbuttuns and unzippes my pants then pulls them down.Then louis stood up and pushed me down on the bed.I wanted to cry but i was to shocked too.then zayn flipped me to were i was on my stomach and unclipped my bra.then zayn walked out aslouis pulled off my underwear and bra.*****I think you know whay happens now*****


After louis left zayn came in i was crying now.I was scared at what he might do to me but all he did was picked up my underwear and bra and came over to me and put them on me.he gasped  when he saw the blood onthe bed."im sorry"he said while he grabbed the blanket and took it over to the corner and come back with a new one.He layed down next to me and covered us up."Please dont hurt me" i said while crying.i wont i promise he siad as he hugged me

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