Savannah is just a regular girl until the night she is taken by strangers that she soon realized weren't your average people.


2. kidnapped

As i was walking through the park waiting for Jeremiah i saw some guys laughing thier heads off so i just ignored it.As they walked past me the one with black hair stared at me and smiled.He had a great smile but Jeremiahs was better.I walked past them but after a few seconds someone touched my shoulder and spun me around.I saw the guy who smiled at me."well well well what do we have here?"he said scanning my body.I realized he was kinda creepy."Nothing that will ever be yours"I said and walked away."come on lets go get some ice for that burn"i heard someone say.I couldnt help but laugh as the other boys were like 'burn!!'.I keot walking till i heard someone running behind me i just ignored thinking it was probably a kid or something.Then a boy ran infront of me.he was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and red pants that were rolled up a littke above the ankles and toms.he had brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.i loved his shoes probably cause i only have toms."i like your shoes"i said."aww stop it your making me blush!"he siad in a funny voice."Hello im louis the tommo tomlinson and i like girls who eat carrots!"he said loud and proud."hi im savannah!"i said."Nice to meet you Savannah and by the way nice comeback!"he said winking a nudging my arm."thanks i guess"i replyed.i saw lean over and look behind me and then mouth somthing i couldnt understand."what?"i asked confused.he looked at me and smiled while taking my hands.i tried to pull away but he was too strong."what are you doing?let go!"i said"Aww your so cute you know that?" he asked as he took one hand off of mine and holding both my hands with the same handas he stepped closer and touched me with the other."let g-"i was about to screamed then every thing went black.I was being kidnapped.

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