Savannah is just a regular girl until the night she is taken by strangers that she soon realized weren't your average people.


1. A Date?

Savannahs pov "Hey." i screamed to my best friend jeremiah.Yes my best friend is a guy."hey savannah" he yelled back.he ran over and hugged me"i missed you i said."i missed you too,How long has it been like 3 hours?"he joked."No silly its been more like 3 weeks!"i said."I know but when you get accepted to go to the biggest soccer camp ever ran by the best coaches and pkayers you gotta go right.?!"he is a really good soccer player i love watchimg him play."so yiu wanna hand out saturday?"i asked."I'd love to!"he said as he kissed my cheek and walked to class.I smiled i realky like hanging out with Jeremiah he is like a brother to me since ive known him since i was 3 and now were 18?I couldnt wait till saturday!!!!


 I was getting ready to go see Jeremiah.I jumped im the shower and washed my hair and body.I got out and put on some grey high waisted skinny jeans a coral colored flowy tanktop and sparkly coral colored toms.I went to the bathroom and straightened brown hair that ended at my hips.Then i grabbed my phone and walked to the park to meet Jeremiah.when i got there Jeremiah wasnt there so i texted him

me:Were are you?

j:soory love but my car broke down and the tow company has  come get it and im atleast 3 miles away! :( soo sorry love

me:its ok i can wait bye

j:bye love ill see you later♡

I wish i coukd go get him but i dont have a i decided to go walk around.Ii was walking around the sidewalk at the park when i see 5 guys laughing their heads off as they werewalking 

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