I'd Come Back For You

Milo has had a rough go.
She grew up in the hands of her abusive mother and father and finally broke away with only the clothes on her back not including a fall jacket which it was cold she collapses out of cold and curls up in the park where Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was walking through he try's his best to keep the suicidal Milo from taking her life and away from her abusive family. She thinks why try to save something that has no worth?
"What if we ever got separated?"
"I'd Come Back For You"


3. Why Do You Care So Much?

-Harry's POV- 

I parked my car in Louis' driveway I haven't heard anything from him since him and Eleanor's break up I heard from Dani it was pretty bad. I locked on his door but he isn't answer I saw his cars in the drive way his Porsche has a smashed window... Ok then... 
I kept knocking 
"Louis!" I called nothing I gave up then I remembered he has a key in a box barrier in a box in a plant vase in the... Backyard shit! 
I left my car in the drive way I walked out the front gate I walked down and saw a spot on the sone fence I put m keys in my pocket and jumped to grab the ledge when I couldn't reach. I swore under my breath. 
I tried and got it I was climbing when I got a funny look from someone walking past 
"Or got my keys" I said smiling she started laughing and when her back was to me I stop smiling and flipped her off and losing my hip and falling on my ass on the sidewalk I sat there for a second I sighed and tried again getting it again I made it o the top I turned and went feet first I was slowly lowering myself when my jacket got caught I was stuck I unzipped it and fell down face to the grass I swear if Louis is home I'm gonna kick him in the mouth.
I got my jacket down and picked the grass out of my curls I put my jacket back on and reached the pot I used his BBQ tool to dig and found the little box I sighed and took out the key I used it to open up the back door and walked in and took my keys out of my pocket and put the key on the loop and put them back in my pocket and walked up the stairs I walked into Louis' room and saw him on his Mac PC 
"Hey" he says without looking up from his computer screen 
"Hey? Hey! Yeah there's this new thing it's called answering your friggin door" I said 
"Sorry I've been busy" he says 
"Oh yeah I heard about you and Eleanor are you ok?" I asked feeling bad I yelled at him
"I'm fine" he said I was curious why he wouldn't look away from his computer screen, I walked over he shut the screen off. Turning towards me I got a little offended 
"Why did you do that?" I asked 
"It's a secret I wouldn't want to get you involved in" he says
"Lou I'm your best friend you can tell me" I say 
"The thing is Haz it could get dangerous" he says 
"Ok now I'm getting involved no matter what" I say 

-Louis' POV- 

I don't want to involve Harry because I don't want him to get hurt. 
"Ok now I'm getting involved no matter what" he says I sigh 
"Your so stubborn Styles" I say 
"I've been told" he says 
"So what are you doing?" He asks going behind me and kneeling on the back of the leather wheelie leather office chair I look at him facing him he looks down at me and saw grass in his hair 
"How did you get in here anyways?" I asked 
"long story wait for the movie" he says brushing me off I sigh 
"So did Liam tell you what happened?" He asks 
"No what happened? Oh yeah El told Dani that you were sleeping with some girl behind her back also known as cheating I guess your a little dirtier than I thought Lou your a horn dog" he say smirking at me 
"I wasn't sleeping with her!" I yell impatiently but feel bad right after for yelling at Harry 
"Sorry but I wasn't sleeping with her I was treating her recent stab wound... I-I saved her life" I say looking down
"What?! You found someone who got stabbed where is she?" Harry asks 
"I took her to get revenge not thinking she got scared so I left her in my car with the doors locked when I finished beating up her brother, I heard her screaming so I went back and the window of my car was smashed and she...she was gone." I say getting a bit upset. Harry was just looking at me with understanding 
"And you want to find her because you love her." Harry said 
"Yeah wait no I don't love her" I said turning around again and turning on the screen and looking at the pictures of places with abandoned houses and forest areas I found a couple good places including an abandoned town about 1 hour away. 
"Then why do you care so much?" He asks I turn to answer him I open my mouth to say something to him but I couldn't I didn't know what to say so I just turned back around and selected maps to print out 

-Milo's POV- 

I can't believe it. Felix and my Dad killed my Mom cause she said we should let me go after her and Felix arrived a few minutes ago. 
"Look what your boyfriend did to me Milo! It hurts!" He says with an evil grin 
"Now I'm going to have to hurt you." He says my dad gins and passes him scissors I was preparing for him to cut me but he started cutting off my clothes 
"Your seriously going to rape your own sister?!" I yell at him 
"Your not my sister. Your adopted." He says 
"What no I'm not" I said as he cut my pants completely off and was starting on my underwear as I did my best to resist 
"So no I'm not raping my sister" he says he rips the remaining of my underwear off I start kicking and resisting but it's to late he's stronger than me. 

-Louis' POV- 

"Ok do you still wanna help?" I ask Harry as I fold up my printings and put them in my back pocket 
"Of course where do we start?" He asked 
"What car did you bring?" I asked 
"My Range Rover" he says 
"Good we will need the off road come on" I say leading him down the stairs I pack food and a couple water bottles for the day I put a switch blade in my pocket 
"Woah dam Lou why do you gotta bring that thing?" Harry asks I throw him one (closed obviously :D) 
"Trust me you will want it" I said we took the stuff and put it in the back of Harry's car he shivered and we got into his car I fixed the beanie I had just recently put on my head I gave Harry one to wear and we both had a pair of gloves he started the car and turned on the heat and pulled to the end of the drive way 
"Which way?" He asks 
"Do you still have that TomTom?" I ask 
"Its in the thing" he says pointing to the thing underneath the air bag (sorry I don't know what it's called) I took it out and plugged it in and route in the address of the abandon house. 
We drove in silence for a while 
"So what does she look like?" Harry asks breaking the silence 
"She has long wavy brown hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes" I said 
"Beautiful?" Harry asks raising his brows 
"I don't like her that way Haz" I said 
'that's what you think" Harry says I look out the window avoiding his "Im Right" look
"What's she like?" Harry asks 
"Afraid of the world, she loves when I play the Piano for her and she's quiet not your type of girl she likes to keep to her self" I said 
"She's not your type either" Harry says 
"Yes she is" I say not realizing what I was saying I mentally slap my self for saying it 
"Yeah your so not into her" Harry says smirking at me
"Shut up Styles" I say we drive in quiet for a while when we see an old looking house on a hill just a few miles ahead. 

-Milo's POV- 

Felix pulls up his pants and walks off to stand with my "Dad" I wish I was with Louis I wish I old hear him play The Scientist on the Grand Piano in the music room of his house over looking the water I wish I could hear his soft loving voice his singing voice as well I just missed him I hope what he said was true I hope he's coming back for me I'm afraid I might die and never tell him how I truly feel about him.

YAY Harry's first appearance! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Thanks for reading! :) <3
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