I'd Come Back For You

Milo has had a rough go.
She grew up in the hands of her abusive mother and father and finally broke away with only the clothes on her back not including a fall jacket which it was cold she collapses out of cold and curls up in the park where Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was walking through he try's his best to keep the suicidal Milo from taking her life and away from her abusive family. She thinks why try to save something that has no worth?
"What if we ever got separated?"
"I'd Come Back For You"


9. What Happens When Stress Takes Over

-Harry's POV-

My phone rings I stretch out my arm and grab it I put it up to my ear rubbing the sleep from my eyes with my free hand as I swing my legs off my bed and sit on the edge.
"Hello?" I say into the phone
"Hello this is the emergency center is this Harry Styles?" She asks
"Yeah, is this about Louis' Discharge?" I asked
"No actually he fell back into serious condition, were worried he may not make it" she says I freeze up my phone drops from my hand I scramble to pick it up
"I'm sorry did you say critical?" I asked
"Something like that" she said
"Are you still open for visiting hours?" I asked
"You have 20 minutes" she says
"Alright thank you goodbye" I said I hung up and got up I whipped my phone I put my hands in my curls breathing heavily tears fell from my eyes
"He may not make it" the words echoing in my head
Then my heart sank, Milo. Her love story mist turned into a sob story. I quickly walked towards my door opening it and walking towards Milo's door. I opened it she was sitting legs crossed and head in her hands phone infront of her
"Did they call you?" I asked she looked at me tears falling from her eyes I walk forward and hug her sitting on her bed she hugs me her arms between our chest as she nuzzles her head in the crook of my neck
"H-He's in critical condition" she stutters as she hiccups from crying
"I know Milo" I said
"She said if we-we wanted to visit we had 20 minutes" she stutters
"Ok so we better hurry, get dressed and meet me in my room" I said she nodded I rose and quickly walked out of her room and back to mine I got changed into black jeans some white converse and a grey tshirt I go into my bathroom brush my teeth comb my hair and step out of my bathroom to see Milo on my bed sitting there head down she's wearing black leggings and a white crop too exposing part of her chest and white toms her hair is natural long wavy set up flowing down her back she had a headband in holding her bangs back I walked up and put a soothing hand on her back
"You ready?" I said she nodded I helped her up and we walked put of the house locking the door.


We walked up to Louis' door and saw him pale and laying on his stomach his head turned towards us, I guided a still crying Milo into the room and she sat down on the chair after stroking his face I walked up.
"Oh Lou..." I said as a tear rolled down my face I put my hands threw the fuzzy part of his hair at the back of his head I closed my eyes and got an Image it was Louis on stage me and Niall at his side as we all sang Teenage Dirtbag. His solo came up and his voice echoed threw the stadium of screaming fans. I was pulled back into the real world when a nurse came into the room
"You guys have 5 minutes" she said
"If only we could have this life for one more day, if we could only turn back time" I sang my solo from Moments to him I put my head down crying Milo came up and opened her arms we hugged each other close crying, I couldn't even think about Louis dying, him not being in my life... That was the worst feeling of all time.
We sat there as I told Milo about stories about me and Louis. When the nurse walked in Milo gave Louis a kiss on the cheek and I hugged his sleeping body as we turned and left the room.
We got into my car I pulled out of the hospital I rested my hand on the spit between the seats, Milo reached over and out her hand on my I looked at her she gave me a weak smile I struggled to turn the corners of my mouth up.


We pulled up to the house I changed into basketball shorts and a tshirt and went to check on Milo she was wearing one of Louis' shirts and some bed time shorts. She was sitting on her bed I walked up and sat in front of her she was an emotional wreck. I took her hands in mine she pulled hers out and kept her head down
"He's gonna die Harry and I only got to tell him I loved him once" she said
"He's not going to die Milo" I said
"Yes he is, can't you see how weak he is" she said I took her face in my hands I lifted her face to mine
"He's not going to die Milo" I said
"Trust me" I added
"How do you know that?" She asked
"I just do" I said
"What if he does and my Dad's friends come after me" she said looking into my eyes
"I'll protect you" I said
She just looked into my eyes when she leaned in and kiss me I didn't know how to react. She pushed me down onto my back and put one leg on each side of my waist and leaned down she rested her forehead on mine
"What are you doing?" I asked
"I need you Harry" she said
"I thought you were with Louis?" I said she leaned in and kissed me putting her hands in my curls I out mine on her waist. I pushed up, laying her in her back her legs hugged my waist as I hovered over her I leaned in and our kiss became heated.
(I think you know what happens next.)


I woke up and yawned fanning out my arms when I hit something warm and soft I looked over and saw Milo the sheet hugged to her bare chest I covered my mouth, did it I really...? Her eyes fluttered open
"Morning" she says
"Morning" I say after a pause
"Did we you know, do it?" I ask
"Have sex?" She asked innocently
"Yeah" I said
"Yeah we did" she said swinging her legs off the bed
"We did?" I asked sitting up and leaning against the head board but slouching down.
"It was amazing too" she said getting up and pulling underwear on I put my hands threw my curls I squeezed my eyes shut
"This has to be a dream" I said to myself as I laid back down and closed my eyes trying to wake up from this dream.
"What are you doing?" Milo asked as I open up my eyes and see her clasping her bra behind her back
"Can you come over here and pinch me?" I asked her brows knitted together but she walked over to my side of the bed, She pinched my but I didn't wake up
"Why aren't I waking up?" I asked myself Milo straddled me again only the sheet between her and my nude....Area I looked up at her she put her hands on my abs
"Because it's not a dream silly" she says, suddenly her mood was way better
"How come your so happy?" I asked
"I don't know" she said
"The man you love is in the hospital" I said
"What do you mean?" She asked
"Milo, can't you remember Louis?" I asked
"Who's that?" She asked. My brows knitted together.
"Ummm" I struggled to find something to say
"Aren't you my boyfriend?" She asked
"Did you take any pills last night?" I asked
"Did you take anything from the hospital?" I asked
"Between me and you I took something that had an orange label on it, a needle to be exact and I kinda used it..." She said
"Milo!" I scolded her sitting up she adjusted her self on my lap making an uncontrolled sound come out of my lips I quickly covered my mouth to keep any more from leaving my lips and looked at her again
"That might have been memory suspense!" I said
"Oh know what did you do?" I asked more myself then her
"Harry I'm ok, we made love and it was special" she said
"We did not" I put up air quotes "Make Love" I out my hands down again
"You cheated on your boyfriend. Well not really you just told someone you loved them and we were well emotional when we found out he was in critical condition and we yeah you know the rest but I'm not your boyfriend" I said
"But I like you" she said
"Don't get me wrong Milo your beautiful and funny and smart, but we can't be together" I said
"I don't care what you say Harry I love you" she said I sighed
"You don't love me" I said
"Oh yeah?" She said
"Yeah" I said impatiently she slammed her lips against mine and tilted her head to the side she disconnected our lips I regained my lost breath as she kissed down my neck to my collar bone I tried to push her off of me but she held onto my shoulders dragging me ontop of her I groaned
"Milo no" I said as she tried to the off her underwear.
"Why won't you make love to me?" She asked I covered myself up with the sheet and pulled on my boxers
"Because" I said I got up and searched her room for my pants I found them and pulled them on I ignored my lost shirt and turned to exit the room
"Why won't you make love to me?!" She called the question after me again
"Because I can't make love to someone I don't love!" I yelled I saw sadness go onto her face it was mean but it had to be done she began to cry and sob I sighed loudly and walked back into the room
"Milo I'm sorry" I apologized
"Gt the fuck out of my room!" She yelled I sighed but nodded and walked out I went into the kitchen and had a bowl of cereal. I kept thinking about what I did. I slept wit my best mates girlfriend while he was in the hospital if he found out he would never forgive me but that's what happens when stress takes over I guess..." I finished my cereal and went into the living room I put on Looney Tunes and laid down on my back resting my hands behind my head
"Harry?" A soft voice said it didn't sound like Milo's I turned around to see my Ex that I loved so much, Coral. She walked into the room wearing only her under garments I reached out my hand and she took it as she swung a leg over my stomach sitting on my waist her brown hair hanging around her face
"I missed you" I said
"I haven't been gone for long" she said I put my hand on her cheek she leaned down and kissed me the feeling of love and passion flowing through me when she reached for the hem of my track pants I let her remove them from me I open my eyes to see her face as she kissed me but what I saw caused me to pull away from the kiss so fast I bumped my head on the couch
"Milo?!" I yelled
"What?" She asked
"Where did Coral go?" I asked
"Who no one has been here it was just you and me" she said
"What no" I said she leaned down and kissed my neck
"You were dreaming" she said as her lips tickled my neck as she spoke a moan escaped my lips as she kissed my sweet spot I tried to recoil when she held me in place
"Let me go" I said
"No" she said if I couldn't lift her off I would try I different way I rolled off of the couch she came down with me we hit the wood floor with a thud I snatched my track pants and put them on I looked at a Milo with lust filled eyes and shook my head
"Leave me alone" I said harshly a d walked out, and retreated to my room.
How am I supposed to live with this?
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