I'd Come Back For You

Milo has had a rough go.
She grew up in the hands of her abusive mother and father and finally broke away with only the clothes on her back not including a fall jacket which it was cold she collapses out of cold and curls up in the park where Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was walking through he try's his best to keep the suicidal Milo from taking her life and away from her abusive family. She thinks why try to save something that has no worth?
"What if we ever got separated?"
"I'd Come Back For You"


10. Memory Recap

-Harry's POV-

I finish making my morning tea, I run around and see a sleepy Milo she slips by me I jump back almost spilling my tea
"What's your problem?" Milo asked confused, my eyebrows knitted together
"Don't you remember what you did?" I asked
"What did I do?" She asked
"What did you do last night?" I asked she looked in deep thought she gasped and covered her mouth and hugged me around my waist wouldn't she not wanna touch me?
"I know..." I tried to sooth
"I forgot to visit Louis" she said
"Wait what?" I asked confused
"Did we go see Louis?" She asked
"Yeah we did, he's back in critical condition" I said
"My poor Loubear" she said as she cried into my chest
"Yeah, but I think he's going to be ok" I said
She leaned away from the hug
"Can we go see him now?" She asked I nodded pouring my tea into a to go cup and me as Milo walked out and into my car


We were almost at the hospital Milo put her hand on my leg
"You've Been amazing staying with me Harry" she said we hit a slight bump her hand moved to my crotch I let out a throaty groan and she realized where her hand had landed I closed my eyes but quickly opened them remembering I was driving.
She went red
"I'm so sorry" she said
"No it's ok it was an accident" I said she slightly smiled at me she quickly pecked my cheek
"Such a gentlemen" she said I smiled
"I try my best" I said we saw a bunch if Paps infront of the hospital I quickly found a parking spot and took Milo's wrist guiding her behind me to the doors, whats so important?
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