I'd Come Back For You

Milo has had a rough go.
She grew up in the hands of her abusive mother and father and finally broke away with only the clothes on her back not including a fall jacket which it was cold she collapses out of cold and curls up in the park where Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was walking through he try's his best to keep the suicidal Milo from taking her life and away from her abusive family. She thinks why try to save something that has no worth?
"What if we ever got separated?"
"I'd Come Back For You"


2. Louis vs Felix

-Milo's POV-

I sit up in the bed I'm still pretty weak there's a knock at the door and Louis pops his head in its only me and Louis on his big house. He came in wearing black chinos white low cut converse with the ankles of his pants rolled up and a black tshirt and white suspenders.
"Good morning love" he said he came in with the first aid kit which means more painful spray he sits on my bed and I got up to him his hair wasn't in a Quiff it was the way it used to be brushed across and kinda pointy (Up All Night live tour DVD that kind of hair :D) I look at the kit and then him
"Look I know you do wanna do it but Lo we have to or else it's going to get all green and infected." He says knowing me I've only been here for 1 week 1 week since Eleanor left him 1 week since my own brother plunged a knife into me 1 week of Louis.
I laid on top of the blankets and lifted my shirt up he put on some type of cream first and smudged it with a Q-tip and patted it with a cotton ball and then he took out the spray I reached out my hand and he took it he sprayed and I screeched. Don't say I'm a baby because imagine someone putting acid in a spray bottle and spraying it on a wound... It hurts!
I squeeze his hand as he sprays again, he goes to do it again when I move away
"No more Louis it hurts" I said he looks sincerely at me
"Ok but were doing the rest later ok?" He says
"Ok thanks Louis" I said he nods and walks over to where I was standing and slips his arms around my waist and gently hugs me I out my arms around his neck
"I just want you to get better Milo maybe you could return home" he says I forgot I've never told Louis what happened...
"I can't go home Louis, after you make me better and I get out of your hair I'm homeless" I said as he releases me
"What do you mean?" He asked
"I've never told you waht happened to me come sit" I say we sit on the bed across from each other he looks at me concerned
"What did happen to you Milo?" He asked
"Well I grew up in an abusive family household, before you found me I made a run for it and got away from them only to be chased by my older brother Felix." I took a breath he started to look concerned
"Felix is the one who did this to you" he says looking down at the cream colored duvet
"Where did you live?" He asks
"Just down on Rose avenue-" I couldn't finish he got up and walked down the stairs I quickly stripped down and pulled on some jeans and a shirt Louis had bought clothes for me I slip mon some toms
"Louis where are you going?" I said trying to catch up with him
"I'm going to do something" he said
"Louis don't try and be a hero" I say
"People like him can't get away with things like what" he says putting on his jacket and grabbing his keys
"I'm coming with you" I say
"No he could hurt you again" he says opening the door I close it
"I'm going in case you attack him I wanna see him get knocked on his ass after all these years" I said he nods and we go out to his car he picks his Porsche we get in and I direct him we stop at the park and walk towards the forest when we get near the entrance I freeze up remembering breaking through this clearing. Louis notices I stopped and come up to me he stands in front of me and puts a hand on my face
"Are you ok?" He asks I don't answer cause I'm holding back tears
"Listen you don't have to come I'll leave you in the car and lock the doors I'll be back." I said
"What if we ever get separated?" I asked
"I'd come back for you." I hugged him and he didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around me I liked this it made butterflies go around my stomach.

-Louis' POV-

We let go of each other and I walk her back to my car and she hugs me again and I shut the door and lock it putting the keys in my pockets I begin to walk away I lick my lips and look at the ground and back up
I entered the forest looking back at Milo and going in walking through the rough turain I put my suspenders off my shoulders so thy were hanging at my waist hitting against the back of my thigh as I walked I jumped over a log and step over a huge root then I see the house she described big white Victorian with red shutters and a black door I take a deep breath and walk up to the door and knock
"What do you want?" A lad about the same age as me answers the door
"Are you Felix?" I ask
"Yeah what's it to you?" He asks
"It's about your sister" he's says something to someone inside the house and ones out he looks like an easy apponent he steps out onto the yard the house on the street had distance o I guess I could punch him here.
Which I did. I lunched him square in the right cheek his head went to the side and then he looked up and glared at me
"Lets dance then British kid" he said
"Ok then..." I said
He swung a punch at me but I dodge it and kneed him in the stomach he punched me in the face an un targeted punch it landed on my lip making it bleed I shook my head and punched him continuesly in the to match and then kicked him in the privates as he kneeled down I pushed him over I kneeled beside him
"That's or Milo" I said just about to go for the knock out punch
"Your not that smart" he says I glare at him
"We know she was its you but pussided out to one through the forest so you left her in your fancy black Porsche with the odors locked, I hope you know I was a diversion." He says
"A diversion for what?" I ask
"Louis!!!" I hear someone scream from the other side of the forest
"Milo!!!" I yell back
"Help!!!" She screams again and then her screams just stopped I looked back down at Felix
"Does thy answer your question?" I got up and kicked him in the stomach
"Fuck you!" I yell
And turn towards the forest I ran as fast as I could through the forest I didn't make it over the log I tripped over that but I quickly got up and reached the clearing to see my car with no Milo in it I ran over to the smashed window and yelled in anger I went to my side of the car and open the oor and slammed it shut when I looked over and saw an envelope

Dear The idiot who took my daughter,
You got a lot of nerve you little punk steeling my daughter after she
Was left to die do you ever think maybe she wanted to die?
She was a bitch you just obt know that side to her she will use yo
Manipulate you she will even alow her self to slep with you. Then,
Then my friend, she will leave you.
Don't think about heading back to my house I took her somewhere
New, hints?
It's dark old and out in the middle of NO WHERE.

What the fuck? Sincerely Dad? What a messed up guy, and Milo would never do that she's innocent! I put the note in my pocket and drove home.
"What if we ever got separated?"
"I'd come back for you" the things we said o each othe repeated in my mind
Where should I start my long search looking or her?
I will ind her, no matter what it takes.
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