I'd Come Back For You

Milo has had a rough go.
She grew up in the hands of her abusive mother and father and finally broke away with only the clothes on her back not including a fall jacket which it was cold she collapses out of cold and curls up in the park where Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was walking through he try's his best to keep the suicidal Milo from taking her life and away from her abusive family. She thinks why try to save something that has no worth?
"What if we ever got separated?"
"I'd Come Back For You"


7. How To Save A Life

-Louis' POV-

I slit it across my wrist blood started coming out the five razor lines I let it drop into the sink I started to cry I sat down and leaned my back against the cabinets it kept bleeding into my shirt I felt light headed I might have cut it in the wrong place...
Milo comes in and sees me
"Louis!" She says she kneels down she grabs my wrist and sees the blood coming out she grabs tissue and hands it to me and starts to look panicked
"Where's your friend?" She asks I told her about Harry being here
"Down the hall second door to the left" I said she nods and runs out of the room I look down at the tissue it's soaked with blood I grab more and put it against my wrist, the pain was starting to kick in.
Harry came in
"Oh god Louis we gotta get you to a hospital, give me a hand?" He asks Milo she nods and they lift me to my feet and help me walk
"Lou your pale you've lost a lot of blood" Harry says
"Is he going to be ok?" Milo asks
"I don't know" he says we get to the hospital and I'm rushed in, I feel myself slipping away and I black out, everything goes cold.
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