I'd Come Back For You

Milo has had a rough go.
She grew up in the hands of her abusive mother and father and finally broke away with only the clothes on her back not including a fall jacket which it was cold she collapses out of cold and curls up in the park where Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was walking through he try's his best to keep the suicidal Milo from taking her life and away from her abusive family. She thinks why try to save something that has no worth?
"What if we ever got separated?"
"I'd Come Back For You"


1. Beautiful Sound

-Milo's POV-

I run out the back door of the house towards the forest there was a park on the other side My older brother was on my parents side. They've been abusing me since I was 7 I have had enough Felix (My older brother) was running after me as I ran into the forest, shit I forgot my jacket and it's cold out here. I keep running looking back to see the moonlight shine across the blade in his hand I hold back my scream and run into the forest griping over a root of a tree, yeah I know very scary movie dump girl of me but I got a gash above my eyebrow I put my hand on it it hurt
"Miiiillloooo?!" Felix yells closer to me I quickly get up and run grabbing I large stick good enough to knock him down I hide behind a tree and when he walks by I hit him over the head with it he falls to the ground and I make a run for it, I broke through the other side of the forest I stood in the middle of the park. Where to next? I ask myself in my head when I hear noises I turn around and see Felix I try to run but he grabs my arm and pulls me back
"Don't run sis" he says
"Screw you" I said
"Anytime any place" he says
"Your sick" I spat at him
"Yeah I guess I am, your gunna love me after this" he said
"After wh-" he stabbed the small knife into my stomach missing my Vidal organs thank god I drop to the ground and curl up in pain as Felix runs back thinking I was dying. I try to pull the knife out but it hurts to much I feel myself slipping away into darkness. When I'm pulled back into the somewhat lightness of the moon when I see a boy, he rolls me over he's on his knees his warm hands on my arms
"Oh my god" he says covering his mouth, he was truly beautiful I reach up and touch his face
"Are you an angel?" I ask
He looks at the knife and the blood it isn't pouring out of me but there's a pretty good amount coming out. He puts a hand on my cheek and just before I'm about to black out or die I say
"They never loved me anyways" and I'm in the darkness

-Louis' POV-

Oh shit oh shit! I don't know what to do I look at her wound again I don't know if I should take the knife out just yet she blacked out or something I checked her pulse on her neck. Still quite steady I put my coat around her instantly getting cold but she needs it more than I do. I cover up the knife just incase someone crosses paths with me I scoop her up cradling her her head gng against my chest I start to walk to my house if only Harry and I still lived together he could help me. I get in the door and set her on my living floor on the fuzzy carpet infront of my fire place and ran to the bathroom I grabbed the first aid kit it wasn't closed everything spilt on the floor
"Shit" I say and quickly put all the stuff back in I run back out and electric slide to her and slowly pull the knife out that's when she wakes up she hits me
"Ow what was that for?" I say
"What are you doing to me" I sit back
"I'm trying to help to, shit" I say she looks at me
"Why?" She asks
"Because lay your head down" I say sitting back up she obeys
"Good" I say
"Are you a doctor?" She asks
"Nope" I say popping the 'P'
"Um I don't mean to sound perverted or anything but you need to take off your shirt" I said she nods she try's but she's to weak
"You mind if I do it?" I ask
"I guess" she says nervously I gently take her shirt off of her avoiding looking at her lady things, she was pretty fit. Not now Louis! I yell at myself I take out some kind of bandage thing and I couldn't get it open I sigh well this is embarrassing...
I get impatient and chuck it into the fire I hint of a giggle comes out of her but then again that could have been just my thoughts... I clean the wound I'm stuck on what to do so I go into my contact lot to call someone who might know what to do... Liam. It rings he picks up on the second ring
"Hey Louis what's up?" He says
"Ok Liam don't get mad just promise you won't snap on me?" I said
"I can't promise that, what is it Lou?" He says
"I rescued a girl who was stabbed and I uh don't know what to do" I say
"You what?!" He yells
"I rescued her" I said
"Lou are you nuts what do you think Eleanor is going to think when she comes home and sees a girl in your house?!"
"Calm down Liam what do I do?" I ask
"Um did you clean it?" He asks
"Yeah what's next do I put some polysporn on it?" I asked
"No are you retarted? You don't put polysporn on knife wounds!" He says in a loud harsh tone
"A simple no would have done just fine..." I say
"Sorry that was a little un called for.... Spray some anti bacterial spray on it so it doesn't get infected" he says
"Uh huh ok" I say I wedge the phone between my shoulder and my ear and dig threw the kit nd find some type of spray
"Is antibac spray the one?" I ask
"Yes Louis..." He says sounding impatient I look at her and she nods I spray some and she starts to scream
"One sec Li" I say I put my phone on the floor and try to soothe her she starts to get tears rolling down the side of her face
"Stop stop!" She yells in pain
"Hey hey shh, it's ok you'll get through this" I say
"It burns" she says I put a hand on her face
"It's going to be ok, it helps keep it from getting infected ok?" I say she nods I pick up my phone again
"Liam?" I say
"Yeah?" He says
"Please tell me I only have to spray it once" I say
"Actually you have to spray it about 4 times...sorry" he says I look at her she shakes her head
"Not again" she says
*Listen to "Never say never" by The Fray*

"Just hold my hand" I tell her sticking out my hand she nods and takes it her hands cold
"Hold on Liam" I say I put my phone on the table and move closer to her I spray and she screams a little bit and then she just whimpers she squeezed my hand as I sprayed it again
"It's ok one more left" I said she nodded and I sprayed and she screamed squeezing my hand I looked down at the knife it was one of the knives Rambo uses I shook my head and something inside me gave me the urge to hunt this asshole down. I put a piece of fabric bandage square and wrapped bandage around her I grabbed my phone off the table
"Thanks Liam for the help I'll call you later or something bye" I said
"Bye Lou" he said
I hung up and looked at the girl she was putting on her shirt that was soaked with blood when I stopped her
"You don't have to wear that follow me" I said she followed me up to my room I opened up my wardrobe and toms and striped shirts spilled out she went wide eyed
"I know who you are know the toms the stripes your Louis Tomlinson from the band One Infection" she says I chuckle
"It's One Direction love" I said she doesn't smile but then again she hasn't smiled since I met her.
"Oh sorry" she says
I hand her a striped shirt and some PJ pants of mine ands hosed her the bathroom she weakly walked into the bathroom
"Louis...I need help" she says shyly I open the door and walk in she's topless still
"What do you need help with?" I ask
"My um pants" she says I smile and shake my head
"I'm sorry this must be weird" she said I looked at her
"It's nothing love" I said
"Why do you call me that?" She asked
"Call you what?" I ask
"Love" she said
"It's a British thing" I said
"No it's a you thing" she said a hint of a smile playing at the corners of her mouth
"Maybe" I said I unbuttoned her pants she was wearing skinny jeans so it was hard to get them down but I managed. I sat on the floor cross legged and took them off her ankles one by one
"Why are you helping me?" She asked I looked up at her I stood up
"We've been through this already..." I didn't know her name so I quickly moved on
"Stop asking me that ok?" I said putting both hands on her cheeks she sighed and I took the PJ pants put of her hands and kneeled and she put her feet in and I lifted the pants up and tied them
"Sorry I have a big... Nevermind" I said and finished the bow when she winced
"Is it to tight?" I asked
"No it's fine" she said
"No tell me" I said
"It's fine" she said I took the shirt from her again and got her to lift up her arms and put it over her head
"Louis!" A voice called Eleanor was home I walked down stairs and saw her in the living room staring toward the fire place
"Hey what's up?" I said
"Um what's that?" She said pointing to the bloody shirt that belonged to the girl I mentally slapped my self I should have burnt it... Here comes a fight.
"Oh don't mind that" I said trying my best to change the subject
"No I'm not Lou who's shirt is this?" She said
"It's mine" I heard the girls voice behind my back I sigh
"Eleanor it's not what it looks like believe me." I said
"Why is she wearing our close Louis?" Eleanor asks
"Because I saved her life." I said Eleanor raises her brows and shakes her head
"Whatever Louis" I she said she through the shirt in the fire pit and walks out of the room knocking shoulders with the girl making her scream in pain
"Eleanor!" I yell running to the girl
"What it's not like I hit her that hard" she said and walked up the stairs
"What's her problem?" The girl asks
"Just go sit down I'll be right back" I said she nods and sits on the couch I run up to me and Eleanor's room I see her packing a suit case my heart sinks
"What are you doing?" I ask
"Leaving" she says violently loading things into her bag.
"El stop" I say walking all the way up to her and stopping her hand she rolls her eyes and pushes her way through me
"Eleanor look at me" I said she turns and her chin starts to wiggle and tears pour down her face
"Why couldn't you just tell me your not into me instead of cheating on me?!" She yells
"Eleanor why won't you let me talk?!" I yell frustrated she walks over and zips up her suit case and glares at me
"You know what Louis were over I'm tired of this bullshit don't call or text me ok" this is when I started to cry
"Eleanor please" I begged
"No Louis good-bye" she says
"Can I atleast kiss you good-bye?" I ask
"No" she says and walks out I stand for a few minutes and punch a hole in the wall and sink down the wall wi my head in my hands crying when the door opens
"Louis?" The girl asks
"Just go" I said I heard footsteps again she must have went down to the living room.
About 20 minutes later I walked down the stairs and went into the music room the walls were from ceiling to floor windows I walked over to the grand piano and decided on a song.
The Scientist By Coldplay.
I started to play the first keys
"Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry you don't know how lovely you are." I hear something get knocked over I look up to see the girl she looks afraid of me
"Come hear I'm not going to hurt you" I say she shyly walks over and I scorch over and she sits
"That song you were playing is... One of my favorites" she said
"Want me to finish it?" I ask
"Wanna help me sing it?" I ask
" no your voice is lovely enough" I look at her
"Thank you" I say she nods I start to play the next keys to the next part
"I had to find you, tell you I need you tell you I set you apart." I sing and play the keys
"Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions oh let's go back to the start."
"Running in circles comin' up tails heads on a science apart" I looked at her continuing to play the keys and sang to her
"Nobody said it was easy it's such a shame for us to part" she blushes a tiny bit I looked out over the water and then back down at the keys
"Nobody said it was easy no one ever said it would be this hard." I looked at her again she looked at me
"Oh take me back to the start" I sang the instrumental part came on I just played the piano looking down at the keys. Then more singing came up
"I was just guessing at numbers and figures pulling your puzzles apart." I said looking out over the water again. And quickly moving on.
"Questions of science, science and progress do not speak as loud as my heart." I looked over at her and sang onto her eyes
"Tell me you love me come back and haunt me oh and I rush to the start." I looked at the keys again
"Running on circles chasing our tails coming back as we are."
"Nobody said it was easy it's such a shame for us to part."
"Nobody said it was easy no one ever said it would be so hard." I looked across the room
"I'm going back to the start." Another instrumental part came up and a little bit of
"Ooh"s I did those
And I finished and looked at her she looked star struck
"Say something" I said
"That was amazing" she says
"Thanks" I said
Something came over me and I felt like I was going to cry so I got up
"I'm um thirsty" I said and l quickly walked out of the room and to the kitchen where I grabbed paper towel and started wiping my tears
"You know that's harsh on your skin" she says
"I don't care I don't like people seeing me cry" I said turning around she walked up and turned me around and put her hands in my cheeks
"Someone once told me its ok you'll get through this" she said I nodded
"What's your name?" I asked
"That's a beautiful name"
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