The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn... with a twist

The Volturi are coming, but the Cullens do not know what to do. Alice and Jasper came back with Nahuel and Huilen. Alice keeps on trying to see the future, but something's wrong with her visions. They come out all distorted and Alice can not tell anything. The Cullens can do nothing but prepare for the worst.


1. Welcome Home!

"Momma, is Grandpa coming today?" Renesmee asked. 

"Sorry, honey, but no. He has to do his job as a police chief." I replied gently. 

Jacob came over and swooped Renesmee into a bear hug. "Hey, Nessie, why don't we go hunting? We can make it a contest." he said, knowing how much she loved competition.

"Can I come, too?" I questioned. "I'm feeling a bit thirsty."

"Uh, Bella, why wouldn't you be allowed? It's a free country." he responded.

"I thought I would be polite for once. But obviously, it gets me nowhere. Hmph." I teased.

"Can we go already?"Renesmee asked. "I want to hurry up and beat Jacob sometime today."

"Ok, ok, ok, we're going, impatient one." Jacob said.

But before we left, I heard something. It sounded like vampires sprinting. Jacob and I looked at each other. We both thought that all the vampires that were going to come, had already come. Maybe we were wrong. But we heard a familiar voice exclaim, "Carlisle! How are you?"

"ALICE!" I shrieked. "You're back! Who are they?"

"This is Nahuel and Huilen." Alice explained. "Nahuel is a half-human, half-vampire like Renesmee."

As she explained the details and story of Nahuel, I was grateful and relieved. Alice and Jasper were back, and we had some proof that could possibly stop the Volturi.

Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett walked in with a surprised look on their faces. After realizing who was here and what it meant, their expressions switched to ones of extreme pleasure.

After greeting Alice and Jasper, Renesmee turned and touched my face, showing me her thirst. "Alice, do you mind if Renesmee, Jacob, and I go hunting? Renesmee and I are both very thirsty." I questioned.

"Oh, sure! I'll just catch the others up." she said cheerfully.


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